The History Of Numerology (Origins and Power)

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In this article, I will be telling you about the history of numerology and its interpretations. Numerology is very helpful and can act as a medium to shape your future.

First, let’s see the history and beginning of numbers:

Although the theoretical usage of numbers dates back to the Age of Pisces (870 BC to 1300 AD), the practical effect of numbers is mostly a creation of the Age of Aquarius (1300-3470 AD), an Air Sign associated with the implementation of the Reasoning Communications Activity in human. This is the functionality that encompasses the modern primary school’s “3 Rs” — “reading, writing, and arithmetic.” There was no such thing as an advantaged few-only education in the past – especially in the early stages. Even while the mental aptitude was present in embryo form, Homo Sapiens “born” 200,000 years ago – yesterday in evolutionary history – had no need for such complexity as hunter-gatherers. It has something to do with the formation of the “Left Brain.” Rather than being scientific, the “Right Brain” is aesthetic. Pythagoras suggested approximately in 500 BC that everything can be stated in terms of numbers, which gave rise to numerology. Modern mathematicians appear to be in agreement. The digits 1 to 9 are the basis of numerology. Each number may be shown to have its own cycle, which in turn has a connection with The Cycle Of Growth 12 Stages, resulting in a comparison graphic for each. Although there are some practical applications of Numerology, the primary focus is on seeking to comprehend the archetypal essence of Numbers. Another key tool for understanding the circular structure of numbers is to relate them to Astrological Aspects. Numbers and Attributes, in fact, split the cycle/circle in the same way.

Understanding How Numerology Developed

Egypt and Babylon have some of the first documented traces of numerology. Underneath the impact of the Hebrews, the Chaldean system was formed here. Pythagoras is a well-known thinker and scientist of his time. His surname seems recognizable, it’s probably because you learned about his views in geometry class in high school. Pythagoras began teaching in Crotona, Italy when he was roughly 50 years old. The semi-circle was the name of the school, which was more like a private club. Despite the fact that numerology is perhaps the least well-known and comprehended of the philosophical disciplines, it is regaining prominence. Today, it’s mostly employed for deciphering underlying details and foretelling the coming.

The Basis

Numbers are the characters of this system, and there are ten of them, 0 to 9, as all larger numbers are made out of these basic ten, where each number has a celestial resonance and each letter is allocated a mathematical value, and each number is a mysterious key component. Explaining the spiritual reasoning of the natural world in a comprehensible manner, to the juncture where the interactions of the connections encapsulate our collaborative accumulated realm, and each number encapsulates our personal presence, which includes our life trajectory, life partner, and larger ultimate fate, among other things. As a result, numerology is a source for getting information and perspective of oneself and others. The way we understand universal arithmetic and utilize it to appreciate all aspects of our own existence, such as our love life, work, industry, home responsibilities, wellness, connections, religion, recreational activities, and character, can all be scientifically portrayed and understood through numerology.

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The Roots Of Numerology

The origins of fortune-telling can be traced back thousands of years, and variants of it can be discovered in almost every human civilization all through heritage. The word numerology was not coined until 1907 when it was provided by Dr Julian Stenton, who brought awareness and knowledge to it in modern times. The first book about numerology was “The Philosophy of Numbers: Their Timbre and Hues,” which is widely accepted. Today, a variety of numerology systems are used, including Pythagorean, Chaldean, and others.

Different numerology systems

The Kabbalah is one of the most widely used numerology systems today. The Pythagorean system is the most widely used numerology system today. It is based on Pythagorean’s perspective of numbers and uses a person’s date of birth and letters to unveil their destiny based on the numbers 1 to 9.

The Chaldean is most likely the oldest surviving system of numerology; in this system, the numbers assigned to the letters are ascertained not by chronological order but by the resonant frequency of each individual letter; it is based on measurements 1 to 8, with no alphabet letter assigned to the number 9. The justification for this is that the Chaldeans considered the number 9 to be precious or pure, thus it is kept separate from other frequencies unless when it is used to calculate the final sum.

The Kabbalah is a methodology for evaluating a person’s name. This system has twenty-two resonances ranging from 1 to 400, but because it only analyses the name and not the birth date, it is not widely used among numerologists. A numerology reading entails a lot of calculations, and these calculations can go into many layers of complexity, with different numbers and pairings of numbers holding a multitude of interpretations. However, even a simple reading to look at your core numbers can be very revealing.

How Does Numerology Actually Work?

Numerology is a serious examination of numbers to explore a comprehensive understanding of a particular participant or a particular time period. Numerology can also assist in understanding your decisions and determining, strong points, weaknesses, and emotional outbursts in situations, according to popular belief. Your birth date determines your life path number and birthday number, whereas your birth name determines your expressiveness, character, and soul drive number. Numerology, like astrology, is used to make predictions about what the future has in store for you. Numerology is a type of prediction akin to astrology that focuses on the relationships between numbers and personality characteristics, fate, occurrences, and surroundings. The language of numbers is ubiquitous. Determining certain numbers can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, others, and the world in general. It also uncovers your personality and the existing benefit of the entire. Some numerology charts are generated from your date of birth, while others are based on your name’s letters. Everything else in the universe, according to numerologists, is based on the supernatural characteristics of numbers. The intrinsic resonance of the numbers gives rise to these features. Each number has its own vibration, which gives it specific qualities.

Lucky numbers

A person’s lucky number or lucky day can be determined via a numerological investigation. Many numerologists believe that nothing happens by chance; everything happens because of numbers. A psychic number, a destiny number, and a name number are all assigned to each individual. The planets’ authority over an individual is symbolized by these three numbers. Because of the mysterious relationship between numbers and what is happening around us, several Numerology kinds have acquired prominence. The techniques for interpreting numbers differ based on where they came from and the civilization that shaped them.

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The Power Of Numerology

Chaldean Numerology has the ability to change the course of events. The reality that fate cannot be modified implies that if there is birth, death will follow. That is unchangeable. That is frequently misunderstood. Our prayers, numerology, and specific therapeutic actions based on planets and stars all play a part. Furthermore, Numerology can reveal what makes some people excel at the same task while others fail. It shows your personality qualities and assists you in making the best decisions possible in areas such as friendships, healthcare, employment, marriages, romance, and finances. Numbers have a lot of potential replacement, according to academics. The true character is obtained from the syllables in your name, the souls yearning is given by the consonants, and the total of all the letters in one’s name at birth is the only frequency that can alter, such as when one takes on a new name, otherwise, it is how others see you.

A pretty accurate roadmap to your life

The first name offers you the key that activates doorways that are otherwise sealed, and the birthday gives you your destination or the road you should take. When you comprehend your karmic lessons and obstacles, as well as the 9 basic numbers and their definitions, as well as the 11, 22, and 33 power numbers, you can work on them, making you a much better person and more likely to start climbing after dying, because if you don’t, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes, none of your cornerstones will occur, and you’ll keep coming back to do it all over again. It is a pretty accurate roadmap to your life; most people are already on it without realizing it if they are balanced; numerology simply assists us in discovering who we are and where we came from. It can assist you in finding the ideal partner in life, connection, and job, as well as making sound personal decisions. This is due to the fact that numerology is a branch of astrology that uses numbers to predict a person’s life and future.

Realize your maximum capabilities

Through the use of numbers and mathematical computations, numerology can be utilized to determine an individual’s way of thinking, existence, destiny, professional path, and so on. Knowledge of Numerology aids in identifying our strengths and limitations, as well as assisting us in achieving our goals by fostering a positive atmosphere and removing negative vibes. It lays the road for success in both work and personal life, as well as assisting us in understanding and shaping our future. Numerology can help you realize your maximum capabilities by using the power of the date you were born and the number your name probably amounts to. It’s also worth noting that the syllables and consonants in your name play an important role in your life. While numerology is a science of numbers, a numerologist is an artist who uses the paint of his or her mathematical creativity to colour your aspirations.

Achieve the highest level of success

The more realistic the numerologist’s visualization of your goals, the better your prospects of progress and happiness are. Each letter corresponds to a set of values, which are governed by planetary alignments. The harmonic alterations that occur as a result of the numerologist’s modifications to your orthography are incredible. Numbers construct enchantment by narrowing the gap between one’s wants and the consequences that are predetermined. Numerology is an ability to heal a mechanism of action that teaches people to accept life as it is, rather than trying to change people or places. Instead, it teaches people to be able to confront any challenging problem that life throws at them. Numerology can assist a person in achieving the highest level of success possible in their life journey. It doesn’t change your fate entirely, but it can help you live a more comfortable life within your predetermined fate.


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