Lucky Numbers [How To find Your Lucky Number From Your Date Of Birth]

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We all know that numerology has the power to assist you in several facets of your life. So, in this article, we’ll look at and unravel the secrets underlying all lucky numbers and how to calculate them.

Lucky Numbers in Numerology

We all know that Numerology is the science or understanding of the alleged magical or special connection between quantitative and some contemporaneous believed happenings. These numerals or particular numbers hold great significance, but as we can see from the historiography of many empires, some numbers have been considered more important than others depending on their significance to that civilization. To comprehend why a numerology lucky number is regarded as lucky, it’s important to understand that an individual numerology chart is made up of numbers that symbolize many parts of a person’s life. The energy in a person’s chart corresponds to the sort of person they are and the factors that influence they are likely to encounter. Those are the individual’s lucky numbers in numerology, and the figures in their personalized numerology profile. The aura that the numerals symbolize attracts the things that connect with the individual, which is why they are lucky numbers. They encourage them to be the type of individual they are by assisting them in obtaining people and situations that are compatible with their horoscope. It is instinctive to pay close attention and notice what is being drawn to you. And it is not automatic to prepare for what is likely to be drawn.

How To Use Lucky Numbers?

Numerology Lucky numbers are unique to each individual. Whether or not the user actively employs them, they do what they do. People that employ their lucky numbers are well aware of what they are. The numbers have a significant impact on an individual’s life and can be used to improve it by adding positive vibrations to the persons life.

The First Step

The first step in using your fortunate numbers in numerology is to understand what they are. For that, you can use this fortunate numbers calculator. Make a list of all of your fortunate numbers according to numerology. If the number appears more than once, only take note of the first occasion. When you select “My most important lucky number” from the dropdown menu, the lucky number that is generated is the most crucial. If you don’t do anything else with the remaining portion of your fortunate numbers in numerology, at least comparable to this one. The key numerology fortunate numbers from your numerology chart are the ones you’ll find when you use each selection list box. Putting your lucky numbers in numerical order might assist.

The Second Step

The second stage is to learn about the energy that each of your lucky numbers represents. The majority of your numbers have their web page. The number interpretations directory has access to the majority of them. The significance of any number application can assist with numbers that do not yet have their website. The second stage is to familiarize yourself with your lucky numbers according to numerology.

The Third step

This is the exciting part. You are aware of your fortunate numbers according to numerology. And you’re familiar with the energy that those numbers indicate. The third stage is to be conscious of the forces portrayed by your astrology lucky numbers as much as possible, notably your most essential lucky number as computed using the astrology lucky numbers tool mentioned. You can use the insights you gain from being conscious of your impulses when making good decisions. The knowledge is significant since you already understand that the impulses attempt to draw events that occur that correspond with them. When you don’t have all of the facts, it can sense like you’re making adjustments on the fly. When making long-term plans, take into account the numerology fortunate number energy. Objectives might connect with the elements indicated by your lucky numbers when they are produced. Another method of using your numerology lucky numbers is to plan for and reap the benefits of the qualities your lucky numbers are effective in drawing into your life.

The 4th Step:

This fourth phase is mostly concerned with consciousness. When you are conscious of your emotions, you will naturally apply that consciousness wherever it is appropriate. It is liable to produce your life less bumpy, allow you to enjoy life more fully, and lessen the impact of unforeseen events. This final step is still in progress.

Why is a Particular Number Considered Fortunate?

A specific number is said to be favorable: Since it keeps happening in reality and tends to be related to everything else that people believe is important, it is valued for its statistical properties. Some people pick their lucky number to match the number on the back of their favorite athlete’s shirt. A number might be exceptional in a variety of ways. The fortunate numbers are those that have a somewhat beneficial effect on one’s life according to the beliefs and understanding of that particular person. The fortunate numerals are offered calculated with the help of a person’s birth name, signature, title, or even actual date of birth, and other factors.

How To Calculate Your Lucky Numbers

The most crucial factor to consider is your date of birth. All you have to do is add the month, year, and day separately before adding them all up. You must calculate the whole date of birth, which includes the day of birth, the month of birth, and the year of birth. For example, if a person was born on 4.10.1995, he must first add the months separately, such as 0+4=4, and then the month, such as 1+0=1. Then year as 1+9+9+5=24. Finally, reduce 24 to 2+4=6. Then, to calculate his fortune number, add 4 (the day) by 1 (the month) by 6 (the years) = 11=2. That means, that person’s lucky number will be 2.

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Most Common Lucky Numbers

Number 8

Since the Chinese phrase for “eight” resembles the term for “money,” the number 8 is considered auspicious in Chinese culture. 8 is a lucky number in many distant eastern civilizations, to the point of madness. In China, the number 8 is seen to be the greatest of all, and the more 8s you have, the greater. The Cantonese name for 8, spelled “ba,” has a similar vibe to the term for “prosperity” or “wealth.” The terms “eight” and “luck” are very similar in local accents. They feel the phrase is phonologically similar to the word for a hundred (sounds “baak”), which they associate with greater prosperity. Note as well, that this particular symbol matches the mathematical symbol of infinity.

Number 5

The number five is intriguing since it appears frequently in reality. Each arm has five fingers and a soft palate (seeing, scent, flavor, contact, and listening). Some intriguing species, such as jellyfish, have five-fold symmetrical, which means they can be rotated five times and still look the same. The lucky number 5 attracts people who want to be free. They dislike being constrained by their circumstances or by other people. Because most of them evaluate or enjoy things using their emotions rather than profound cognition, they frequently make poor decisions.

Number 7

Another interesting figure is seven. Only one of the historical globe’s seven sages, extraordinary man-made monuments, remains today: the Ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. In composition, a chromatic octave consists of seven distinct notes. Light has seven natural colors, seven sky, seven oceans, and 7 days per week. Many stories and folklore are based on the lucky number 7. According to traditional myths from throughout the world, the 7th son of the seventh son will be endowed with supernatural powers (both good and evil). According to Bible scholars, God created the world in six days.

Number 9

In Chinese culture, the number nine is seen as auspicious because it sounds similar to the term “enduring.” The total of all the digits in a group is nine. People with the fortunate number 9 can readily generate an easygoing and calm atmosphere since they have the talent for serving others. They make everyone around them laugh and inspire them to live a vibrant life. They are quite thoughtful when it comes to helping those in need. Many people who have 9 as their lucky number have an inborn free spirit and never stop constructing their goals. They can typically make their dreams come true if they have concrete plans and measures in place. However, they are likely to brag about a lot of things while doing very little. They won’t be able to achieve their goals unless they take action to pursue their dreams. They have a photographic memory, love and acceptance, and kind-hearted compassion in nature.

Number 666

666 Six hundred and sixty-six is a fascinating figure. In Western society, it is exceptionally terrible luck, yet in many Asian traditions, it is tremendously best of luck. As everyone knows, 666 is the figure of the monster in the Christian bible and is associated with Satan. The number 666, which strongly indicates the number 13, maybe the most feared number in Western society. However, the interpretation of 666 in Asian cultures sounds the complete opposite of what it is interpreted in American or western culture. Asian believe that 666 brings them good luck and fortune.


There are certain numbers in numerology that are considered to be bad for people as they exhibit bad omen or poor fortune for a certain type of people. These numbers are:

Number 13

The dread of the number 13 has become so widespread in American civilization that it has been diagnosed as a disease called triskaidekaphobia. In North America, you’d be extremely reluctant to discover a skyscraper with a 13th story. This superstition’s origins are largely unknown. Others feel it has something to do with the moon repetition loops and the number 13. This number 13 is the precise number of full celestial bodies, and as the moon is said to regulate passion and drive people insane, 13 is considered bad luck. 13 is also considered unlucky in many Persian communities, demonstrating that this myth transcends disciplinary barriers. Friday the 13th, of course, is deemed highly unlucky.

Number 4

The number four is considered unlucky in the far East. Since the Japanese pronunciation of the number four is virtually identical to that of the term death, the number four has long been associated with a poor fortune in Japan, Korea, and China. Giving someone a present that is composed of four parts is regarded as exceedingly bad luck. Many structures in primarily Asian locations lack a fourth story, similar to how the number 13 is regarded in North American cultures. The Western don’t hate four but there can be some exceptions as well.


Well, that was it for this article. I hope you got to know a lot about lucky numbers. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. To learn more about numerological readings click here. With that, it’s time for me to go. Till next time, stay safe and thanks for reading.