Numerology Secrets (The 5 Most Important Secrets About Numerology)

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Numerology is a large and very big paradigm but can be really helpful. Today, in this article I will be sharing with you the top numerology secrets.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is considered as the study of figuring a local’s future, nature, qualities, objectives, challenges and numerous other significant parts of his existence with the assistance of numbers which are essentially gotten from his name and date of birth. The study of numerology had at first captivated western crystal gazers. Numerous rich individuals, influential individuals, famous actors and different big names are currently paying visits to numerologists to know their fortunate numbers and to know their future with the assistance of specific numbers which are drawn from their date of birth and their common names and a considerable lot of such superstars and well-known individuals change their names as per the guidance of their numerologists to make progress or more accomplishment in their particular expert circles as such VIPs and popular individuals are told by their numerologists that current name compares to a number which isn’t appropriate for them and in the event that they roll out specific improvements to their name or on the off chance that they change their name so that a particular number can be got as a resultant, their odds of achievement can be improved ordinarily. Essentially, there are numerous different circles of a local’s life which can be anticipated with the assistance of numerology and which can likewise be improved with the assistance of numerology and in like manner, numerous individuals looking for better outcomes in such circles of their lives, accept guidance from a numerologist.

Use Of Numerology In Daily Routine

Numerology helps the person to set their life goals and face life problems confidently. It helps the person to make the most out of their relations. It helps to find affirmations around you every day. Numerology works are divided into different categories which are discussed below:

Master Number

The master number will let you know about life accomplishments, achievements, and wisdom. The master numbers are 11, 22, 33 and the value of the number 11 is 2 and 22 is 4. The number which is considered as most powerful and successful full is 22.

Life Path Number

Life path number tells about the potentials and satisfactory directions of individual life. These numbers are usually between 1 to 9 or the master number and master numbers are not converted into single digits.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

The basic way to calculate the life path is by adding up the numbers of your birth date and ending up with a single number. Like if your date of birth is 5 of October 1997, then start adding the year of birth and make it single digit 1+9+9+7= 26. Then you add 2+6= 8. Then convert the month into single-digit like1+0=1. Now add the single digits of the year (which is 8) + month (which is 1) and day of birth which is 5, so, 8+1+5= 14. Now convert this into a single 1+4= 5 and this final number is known as your life path number.

Lucky Number

Lucky number is a very common term and almost everybody used its lucky number on their important life events. The lucky number is calculated with the numbers of your date of birth and name’s letter values.

Destiny Number

Numerology does not only work with numbers but also told about the name or words’ meaning. According to numerologists letters have specific values, so find out the value of your name alphabets and sum up the number then reduce it to a single digit.

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Numerology Secrets

Numerology has multiple secrets some of the most important secrets of numerology are as follows:

Secret 1: Numerology Can Predict Your Future

Since ancient times, numerology and astrology have been linked. Numerology is the study of numbers and how they interact with a person’s life. Many other forms of numbers, such as bank account, phone, automobile, insurance, house number, and passport number, have been introduced to us in today’s society. People come into contact with other digits at various points in their lives. “The world is based on the power of numbers,” as the phrase goes. It’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. Numerology, on the other hand, can provide useful information for a brighter tomorrow. Today’s numerology predictions assist people in improving their behaviours. Their idea is that a person’s current activities determine their future. Numerology forecasts assist people in making amends and securing a brighter future. Their logic argues that a person’s birth date and name represent their higher and more spiritual self’s chosen path. This road will provide opportunities for personal growth as well as lessons. Every person follows a karmic pattern. One’s inner self knows which road to choose for self-improvement. Numerology is a method of reaching out to one’s inner self. A numerologist can predict one’s future by paying attention to the symbolic numbers in one’s life.

Forecasting Your Future

The nine numbers 0-9 are used in numerology. Experts use the pattern of these numbers to forecast one’s future. It advises people on how to start a business, marry, and when the best moment is to increase one’s energy and success rate. The belief behind numerology is that if the universe were to be broken down, only numbers would remain. People can determine a lucky number, a lucky date, a lucky day, a person’s characteristics, their future, and so on. The date, time, and location of their birth have a significant impact on their future. A layperson, on the other hand, is unable to calculate these complicated numbers. These results can only be predicted by competent people who have a good understanding of astrology. Numerologists use these nine digits, along with the date, time, and other relevant circumstances, to forecast one’s future events. Whether the person will be confronted with brighter possibilities or hard days ahead. The fate of a person is determined by the numbers linked with their birth. When individuals say things like “this number is lucky/unlucky for me,” they’re implying that Numerology is involved. An individual can better their current behaviors by forecasting their future. They are improving their chances of a brighter future by grasping opportunities at the correct time.

Secret 2: Numerology Can Predict a Person’s Insights and Traits

In Numerology, there are broadly 9 main numbers i.e. 1 to 9. It is not wise to say that if we are dividing the world into 9 parts then each group of numbers will have the same personality or same life. Naturally, there are other factors also that decide your ultimate destiny which also includes your Karma and other numbers that are influencing you. Numerology is a tool that helps you in knowing some or most part of your characteristics and your destiny but only after a thorough study of all the significant numbers (Name, Date Of Birth, challenges, pinnacles etc.) rather than studying only a personality number. A person’s complete personality is a blend of all the numbers influencing him and not just the personality number so if you doubt whether Numerology is accurate only because of this factor then you have to first understand that everybody is unique and the number combinations influencing us will not be the same for anyone else.

For example:

Number 1 people have a lot of leadership qualities and are ruled by Sun. They have a natural tendency to be known to be visible to be a leader and can be a good business person. Number 2 are ruled by the moon. Basically very emotional, sensitive, creative but are very-very intuitive people. Can become a counsellor or a healer. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. A lucky planet, very nice human beings very easy to get along with. They are very diligent and are very good at business. Number 4 people are ruled by Rahu and have serious issues with pleasing people, always volatile emotional as well. They are very intelligent and are very good at communication. Number 5 people are amazing at being leaders like the boss, are very authoritative, very dominating and they are very good with running a company. Number 6 are said to be lucky; they walk around like one lucky magnet. Tend to attract luxury, tend to attract love and all of that in their life with a lot of ease. Number 7 people are ruled by Kethu. They lot of times just struggle in their life. Also attracts a lot of relationship problems. Number 8 people are ruled by Shani find a lot of success and sometimes become very-very powerful because in some sort of a twisted way the astrology chart Shani favors them. Number 9 people are ruled by mars or Mangal and are meant for something big and better than what they have. Being a very potent and powerful number, it’s good for the country too. Number 9 people do go through a lot of life lessons. They go through a lot of challenges and they feel now I learnt from this.

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Secret 3: It Can Predict Relationship Compatibility

In a similar vein, numerology can be used to determine compatibility in a bond between variables individuals who hold different numbers. Numerology is centered on several numbers (1-9) that have different properties, and it is used to determine love or marriage-matching. 7 is regarded as a favorite number in many cultures all over the world. This is presumably why so many individuals are drawn to the number seven. Some philosophers and scientists imagine the number itself has some intriguing features that make it appealing. In numerology, the numbers 1 and 5 are the most harmonious with the number 6. Number 7 is also a solid option, although it is tertiary.

Secret 4: It Can Tell The Strength and Weaknesses Of a Person

Numerology can use your date of birth and calculate the life path number which can tell a lot about your strength and weakness. Like Those who are born in 10 are stubborn, aggressive, impulsive, selfish, arrogant, willful, domineering, intimidating and boastful. They are strong-willed, ambitious, courageous, leaders, pioneers, individuality seekers and original thinkers. The number 11 energy patterns are so dynamic that they can create something from a scratch or they can destroy something completely. Immense sensitivity, tension, impracticality and selfishness are the opposite and negative aspects of number 11 people.

Secret 5: It Can Predict The Most Suitable Careers

Your birthday informs a great regarding your employment prospects, management styles, and relationship with colleagues. The date of your birth can provide more detailed information about your professional capabilities, but your rising sign can also explain a lot, particularly about the people you will perform great within the school and at work. The historical political ideology of numerology is based on the significance of numbers. It’s based on the concept that your birthday dictates your destiny. Your ‘life path’ can be calculated using your date of birth. This is accomplished by first putting down your date of birth and then decreasing it to a single number. For example, if your life path number is 6 then, This life path number may thrive in jobs related to teaching, healing, construction, and counselling. The 6 can also work as a lawyer or join law enforcement. Besides humanitarian work, the 6 can also be a diplomat or choose a job where their nurturing character shines. They are a sign of trust, compassion, wit, and sensual delights. People born under the number 6 make excellent astrologers and businessmen.


Well, that was it for this article about numerology secrets. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. To learn more about numerological readings click here. With that, it’s time for me to go. Till next time, stay safe and thanks for reading.