Angel Number 0: Meaning & Symbolism (Numerology Secrets of 0)

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Angel Number 0 is one of the most venerated numbers in numerology.

Angel Number 0

If there is one thing we humans hope for in the face of any situation in our lives, it is support—the assurance that we are not alone in everything we go through in life, be it good or bad.

This makes it awesome to know we are truly not alone because we have our guardian angels looking out for us and sending us different but specific messages to each of us from time to time.

These messages are what we receive as angel numbers. In this article, we will be letting you know about the meaning, symbolism, and numerology secrets of the angel number 0, with more things you need to know about this special number.

What Are Angel Numbers?

What Are Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are special numbers that convey messages sent to us from our guardian angels from the divine realm.

These messages can be sent to give us direction in our lives when we need it.

It can be sent to soothe our souls during difficult times and tell us what to do.

Also, it can be sent to encourage and motivate us.

The angels cannot communicate with us directly, so their communication mode with us is through numbers.

They send us messages containing numbers that hold an in-depth meaning with the phase of life we are passing through when we receive or see these numbers.

How Did Angel Numbers Start?

The invention of Angel numbers started with numerology in the sixth century B.C.

Numerology was invented by Pythagoras, the famous mathematician, philosopher, and metaphysician.

Numerology was invented by Pythagoras

He did this following his discovery of numbers’ correlation with the universe.

Due to his discovery, Pythagoras stated the following two statements, “Number rules the Universe” and “Everything is a number,” to convey the significant value of numbers.

Number rules the Universe by pythagoras who invented numerology

Everything is a number by pythagoras who invented numerology

It was long after the death of Pythagoras that Doreen Virtue, a woman who claims to have studied under Pythagoras in a past life, invented Angel numbers during the New Age movement.

Doren Virtue said Angels appear in many different forms to hold our hand through difficult times.

So, one major of these forms is through messages sent to us in numbers.

However, her concept of these Angel numbers is the connections between numbers and the events in our lives.

Where Do Angel Numbers Appear?

Angel numbers can appear anywhere around you and even in random places. Here are where you mostly can find the Angel Numbers:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Billboards
  • License plates
  • Clocks
  • Bill
  • Timestamps
  • Receipts
  • Price tags
  • Travel routes and many on.

Note: Angel numbers can appear to you from anywhere.

How to Know You are Getting the Angel Numbers

It’s understandable that we randomly see numbers every day, and you can’t start labeling all of them as angel numbers specifically sent to you.

Also, and consequently, it can be quite hard to distinguish between the angel numbers specifically sent to you from random numbers you believe are just coming your way.

Below are ways you can know you are precisely receiving the angel numbers, which hold some meanings to your life, especially at that moment;

Repetition of the Numbers:

Do you realize yourself to have been seeing some particular numbers in a short period of time?

Probably, twice, thrice, or even more in a day, following each other. Then it’s time to pay attention to what messages these numbers have for you because they are numbers sent to you by your guardian angels.

Pay attnetion to the numbers because they are numbers sent to you by your guardian angels (1)

Your Intuition:

Sometimes, you don’t need to keep seeing the numbers repeatedly before realizing they are from the angels.

Instead, your intuition tells you instantly when you set your eyes on them, and then you can immediately find the meaning to it and how this resonates with your life.

All you need to do is listen to your instinct, look into the things happening in your life and grab what message the number has for you.

What Does the Number 0 Mean?

Angel Number 0 Mean

Number 0 is a number that has no beginning, and neither does it have an end. It’s round in shape and therefore considered infinite. Thus, 0 means boundless, endless, and limitless.

The number 0 is a special number as it means all or nothing.

However, being the beginning of all numbers, it denotes a starting point of something new in your life: wholeness, oneness, openness, and an eternal cycle.

Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 0

Angel number 0 spiritually means you are having a breakthrough into a new beginning in your life. It’s a sign of divine potential and an evolution in one’s life.

When you see angel number 0, it is a sign that you should get ready for a new spiritual start.

Also, it means that you’ve been blessed with boundless potential to journey through this new spiritual journey.

You have been given the ability to do things that have been previously impossible for you.

Therefore, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity.

When you see angel number 0, it is a sign that you shouldn't waste the opportunity

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 0

The biblical meaning of the angel number 0 is telling you to connect with your creator.

The meaning links God and His relationship with all creatures on earth regarding his infinite nature.

God’s infinite nature is well characterized in the form of the number 0.

It represents the potential that is embedded in all of God’s creations.

To greatly maximize this potential, you need to connect with your source—your creator.

Angel Number 0 Numerology Meaning

Number 0 is one of the most venerated numbers in numerology.

The interpretation commonly relates to infinite possibilities or any barrier-free ideas.

It is an all-inclusive number, with its inherent meaning containing comprehensiveness, wholeness, inclusiveness, and infinite potential.

The number 0 in numerology means anything and everything is possible.

Its essence is that of wholeness, and that separation doesn’t exist. It denotes a state of boundless potential and eternal life.

Angel Number 0 Symbolism Meaning

Due to various meanings the number 0 holds, we have the six most prevalent symbolism denotations outlined for it below:

Time to Exercise Your Willpower

Is there something you have been dreaming of for a long time but has given up on?

Seeing the number 0 could be telling you it’s time to pick it up and start working on it.

It could be something you’ve tried but couldn’t successfully do before.

If it finds its way to come back to you at the time you’re seeing the angel number 0, the message is to tell you how much possibility has come your way.

While 0 means a new beginning with limitless potential, it is just the right time to begin working on that dream of yours again for guaranteed success.

Begin a Spiritual Journey

The angel number 0 denotes the beginning of a spiritual journey.

It symbolizes the beginning of a new journey in the spiritual realm. It means you’re going through a transformation mentally, and new outlooks are opening up before you.

angel number 0 symbolizes the beginning of a new journey in the spiritual realm. It means you're going through a transformation mentally

Nonstop Loop

With the number 0 denoting an infinite cycle, it means your spirit is evolving through different stages.

So, the angels send you this message to tell you you’re growing, refining, and becoming a better person.

angels send you this message to tell you you’re growing, refining, and becoming a better person.

New Challenges and Opportunities

It’s not a coincidence that you are receiving angel number 0. Instead, the angels tell you that you are becoming mature enough to handle new challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, you should get ready for them for a new change.

Connecting to God

The number 0 symbolizes God’s grace and mercy. This is a sign God is showing you how much he loves and cares about you.

Infinite and Lifetime

With 0 denoting infinity, this is to remind you that your life is part of a bigger process that doesn’t end with death but continues towards eternity.

3 Reasons You Keep Seeing Angel Number 0

Has the number 0 been repeatedly popping up in your life recently? If you wonder why this is happening, below are the reasons.

Affirmation to make a decision

Do you have a decision to make, but you are confused and wondering if it’s right for your life? Making a crucial life decision can be creepy, and you might want to take a step back.

Seeing the number 0 popping up in your life at this point is a message telling you it’s the right path you should go for.

This means you should make the decision you’ve been scared to make at this point because the angels are telling you it is the right one.

Affirmation & Motivation to Make a Change

You can have the clarity of what to do at some points but lack the energy and motivation to go for it. If it happens that you’ve been seeing the number 0 for an extended period of time.

Perhaps, for more than a couple of weeks.

That means you are not applying a change in your life, which you already know you should.

Take, for instance. You know you need to start working on yourself but lack the motivation to do so.

The number 0 that keeps appearing to you are the angels affirming and motivating you to it.

In most cases, this number will keep appearing until you start to do what you should be doing.

However, if you refuse to succumb to this, it simply means you’re wasting your precious time.

Free Your Mind and Thoughts

You may have been developing some limiting concept in your mind towards something.

At this point, angel number 0 appears to you as a reminder to let go of those thoughts.

It is a sign the angels want you to broaden your horizon and show you that boundaries only exist in your mind.

Therefore, you need to liberate your thoughts, and once you do this, only the sky’s your limit.

you need to liberate your thoughts, and once you do this, only the sky’s your limit.

What Angel Number 0 Mean Regarding:

Love & Relationship

The number 0 Is significantly a positive number regarding love and relationships. When the angels send you the number 0, it denotes a new beginning in your love life.

Therefore, you should expect to experience a beautiful new chapter in your love life.


Angel number 0 positively signifies one’s soulmate connection. So if the number 0 keeps appearing to you, that means there is a good chance you are meeting your soulmate very soon.

The number is telling you that you are on the right track, with a huge probability of finding someone who will make all the difference in your life soon. It would be best if you kept going.

Twin Flame

Having a twin flame is golden. In a way, It is more than finding a soulmate as your twin flame is a perfect mirror of yourself. Your twin flame is someone who is a reflection of your personality.

Your twin flame can understand your feelings and thoughts without you having to pour them out. It is like having a great source of spiritual strength. Unfortunately, not everyone is opportune to meet theirs, even though we all have one. This is why it’s better not to miss it.

The angel number 0 gives you a sign that you are on the right path and will soon be meeting your twin flame.


If a big task in your career, job position, or business has been on your mind and you start to see the number 0, it means you can carry on with the task, and you will be successful at it.

You will be highly rewarded for this success, and you will improve financially. In addition, if you are a business owner, you’re expected to start experiencing a larger audience considering your business.

What Does Seeing the Number 0 mean When You are Single

Seeing the number 0 when you are single has a positive meaning. It’s a sign that you will find love soon.

When you see the number 0 frequently on your phone or clock, then it means someone is already waiting for your presence. This means you will find the person soon, and the more frequent you begin to see the number, the closer the person—your true love—is to you.

Doreen Virtue’s Interpretation of Angel Number 0

Doreen Virtue, the pioneer of Angel numbers, interprets angel number 0 as God’s kindness and compassion.


The angel number 0 has various meanings, as written above.

However, all of these meanings are valid, and they all resonate with the number, which means the number 0 carries more than just one meaning.