Angel Number 99 – Meaning, Doreen Virtue, & Synchronicity

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angel number 99Have you recently seen the angel number 99 and wondered what it means?

Everything you need to know about angel number 99, including its significance, a view from Doreen Virtue, and synchronicity, is provided in this article. So, keep reading.

Angel numbers are a series of numbers that have specific meanings.

Typically, it is believed that these numbers are signs used by angels to deliver a particular message. Seeing angel numbers is therefore thought to be the blessing you have been waiting for.

You’re probably going to run into these numbers if you’ve been hoping for a breakthrough or miracle in any aspect of your life. When you do, know that your goals are closer than you imagine. 

Coming in contact with the number 99 isn’t a mere coincidence but a sign that your angel is trying to communicate with you.

You might be wondering, “What does my angel want to tell me?”

What do I need to know about the number 99?

If you have any of these concerns, we’ll address your questions and provide additional information about number 99.

So then, grab a drink and keep reading!

Angel number 99 meaning

The number 99 denotes a new beginning or a new stage.

The number 99 has the number 9, and understanding the meaning of the angel number 9 helps you know what 99 means.

Number 9 represents the end of something, which explains why 99 represents the beginning of a new phase.

It’s a sign that the angels want you to succeed in your life’s work.

Have you ever felt stuck in your life?

Seeing the number 99 is a sign from your angel that the bad phase of your life is over and that something new is about to begin.

If you’re feeling bad about past mistakes or missed opportunities, angel number 99 clearly shows that you should let go of the past and open up to new and better experiences.

The number 99 also represents wisdom and potential.

So it could signify that you have more abilities than you think.

Angel number 99 could signify that you have more abilities than you think.

If you’re about to make a tough decision and come across a number 99, you need to let wisdom play a significant role in your decision-making.

Number 99 is also a sign of spiritual growth; it’s a sign of assurance that your angels will guide you through your spiritual journey.

Angel Number 99 Dream Meaning

Have you seen the number 99 in your dreams frequently?

You don’t have to worry; it isn’t a sign of misfortune.

Following are a few explanations for seeing the number 99 in your dreams:

It’s a call to focus. 

Number 99 is a positive indication, indicating that your guardian angels want you to concentrate on your goals and aspirations.


It is also a sign that you shouldn’t give up; even if a phase of your life has just come to an end, your angel ensures you experience a new stage in life that is hinge free.

Someone around you may need help.

Seeing the number 99 is also a sign that you should be of help to someone around you.

It is a sign that you have a lot of gifts that can benefit the world.

The amazing fact about this is that you get closer to your own goals when you help someone.

It reminds you to connect with yourself again.

You may have lost connection with your true self due to how busy life can get.

Seeing the number 99 in your dream reminds you to reconnect with yourself again, to find your inner voice.

With meditation and quiet times, you can reconnect with your inner voice again.


Angel Number 99 Twin Flame

Number 99, twin flames, indicates that you have a strong spiritual connection with someone you will soon meet.

Meeting your number 99 twin flame isn’t easy; as your twin flame won’t automatically locate you, you may have to do the finding.

Many people wonder how they will recognize their twin flame when they eventually meet.

That’s relatively easy; you will feel a reassurance deep down when you meet your twin flame. This is a good reason why you should trust and work on your instincts.

Your number 99 makes it very easy for you to identify your twin flame through unique but unfamiliar feelings.

Trust is an important quality you must work on getting in the quest to discover your twin flame.

Angel Number 99 Love

Your angel also cares about your love life.

Love isn’t just a feeling; it combines compassion, understanding, forgiveness, giving, and patience.

The good thing is that number 99 has been discovered to have these outstanding characteristics.

You might be seeing the number 99 because your angel is trying to show you a better way to love.

Practicing the mentioned features of number 99 will significantly improve your love life.

This is not only limited to romantic relationships; it also affects every relationship around you.

It’s a great feeling to be loved; it’s equally great to love someone.

The number 99 represents love for everyone, regardless of race, skin color, or ethnicity.


You might unknowingly be treating your loved ones and friend poorly.

Coming across the number 99 signifies that you should retrace your steps and treat them better.

Amazingly, the number 99 can be a dream come true, as it could be a sign that you would eventually find a lover that would love you right.

If you have had bad experiences in your past relationships seeing number 99 is an assurance that something new and better is about to happen in your relationship.

Angel Number 99 Joanne

According to Joanne, the number 99 is associated with purpose and instincts.

Through her ability to read cards, she gave her own opinion on what the number 99 means; here are her thoughts;

The angel number 99 helps purpose discovery

According to Joanne, the number 99 indicates that your angel wants to guide you to discover your purpose.

What are we if we cannot find why we are here on earth?

Many people are clueless about why they are in the world, and that’s why the number 99 plays a vital role in our lives.

Your angel directs you and connects you with people that will bring you closer to achieving your purpose

The angel number 99 means that you should trust your instincts 

Trusting and listening to your inner voice is crucial in discovering purpose.

According to Joanne, having encounters with the number 99 is a sign that your angel is trying to tell you to trust and follow your instincts.

It’s a sign that you should disconnect from distractions and focus on finding purpose.

The angel number 99 signifies you are a well that others can draw from

Joanne states that number 99 reminds you to give generously.

It is a sign that you should spread positive energy and help others reach their goals.

Angel Number 99 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a Christian spiritual healer who is believed to have had connections with guardian angels.

Doreen Virtue has her option on what the number 99 is all about.

Due to her Christian background, Doreen believes that the number 99 has some connections with supernatural beings.

She believes that this angelic number is a reminder from your angel that you are never alone.

If you’re going through difficult times, it is a sign that your angel is with you every step.

Doreen also states that seeing the number 99 indicates that you’re extraordinary.


She also said that individuals with the number 99 could be selfish and unwilling to work, which is why they come across angel number 99; this helps them work on themselves.

This angel number helps them love others and put in the hard work to achieve their goals.

Angel Number 99 Synchronicity

Synchronicity is simply a repetition of an occurrence; if you keep seeing the number 99 repeatedly, it means something.

Here are some of the reasons you keep seeing the number 99 repeatedly;

  • When you see the number 99 frequently, your angel is trying to communicate a closed chapter. And this closed chapter doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing because it means a new beginning.
  • Consistently seeing the number 99 means your angel is trying to tell you to let go of the past and move forward. Also, it is a sign that you should pursue new dreams and goals.
  • An angel number 99 is an indication that you should brace yourself up and channel all your energy on what next is coming your way.


Rejoice whenever you see the number 99 because a new chapter in your life is about to begin.

Number 99 symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter, urging you to let go of the past and focus on the road ahead.

Doreen claims that the angelic number 99 is a sign of your exceptionality. And according to Joanne, number 99 inspires you to bless others.