Astrology For Beginners (How To Read Your Birth Chart In 10 Minutes)

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In this article about astrology for beginners, I will be telling you a shortcut to reading your own birth chart in only 10 minutes. The technique used in the article is quite simple and effective.

First, let’s see…

What Are Birth Charts In Numerology

Your horoscope distinguishes your personality and how your whole life is going to evolve. The time of your biological birth to the time of the physical death and everything that occurs in between. The horoscope demonstrates the power of the time of your birth, i.e. the moment when your umbilical cord was clean and you came to be a self, distinguish from your mother. Birth Chart can be utilized in day-to-day life to seek management. We will examine some advantages of birth chart astrology and how it can assist us in our day to day life. A birth chart in numerology as well as in astrology is the snapshot of the sky (skies or heavens), showing the position of the nine planets some of which are sun, mercury, moon and many more, at the time of birth of a person, nation, an event like marriage, death, taking medicine, having surgery, talking with someone or literary anything. This birth chart is then used by the numerologist to analyze it for the benefit of the native seeker and respond to his / her various question.

Your Life Revealed

The birth chart has 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets. The whole birth chart is a time-consuming affair, for me to analyze one birth chart from a to z can take about 3 to 4 hours, plus time to respond to the native’s questions and concerns but this shortcut can help you read it in 10 minutes. A birth chart reveals one’s life about one’s personality, individuality, finances, cause of death, siblings, servants, letters and writing skills, education, mother, home life, property etc., progeny, past life karma, trust and faith in God, heath, debts, sickness, enemies, marriage, partnership, sexual intercourse, investments, death – the circumstances and surrounding of death, legal affairs, father, future generations, grandchildren, banking, occupation, means of livelihood, recognition at work, assets and liabilities, all kinds of gains, daughters, life hereafter, losses, reincarnation, body deformity, black magic, curses from gods demigods humans and ancestors, and much more. Now let’s see the steps in order to read your birth chart. We all have several Birth Charts which can assist us in regular life. Major judgments in life should be taken after examining your natal chart if you have no idea about what’s going on in life. If the moment and planets are in our favour we can take off ahead with any judgment. Everything that we perform will be set good by the planets. One should always refer to the birth chart which includes all the crucial and secondary details of your life structure.

How To Read Your Birth Chart

I almost tell to everyone that Before starting, make sure to check whether the data of birth is sound and completely correct. The process involves using Primary Directions and is known as rectification. Before starting, the initial step is to note down:

  • First, you need to note down where the seven key Arabian parts Fortuna, Spirit, Despair, Love, Courage, Victory, and Captivity) and their antiscia are.
  • Then, you need to note down fixed stars that are conjunct to planets or house cusps associated with that date of birth.
  • After that, you need to assess the planet’s essential and accidental strength, their most obvious receptions, and note down close. Note them down in this format: Less than five degrees for the fastest, less than three for the slowest) aspects.
  • The next step is to note down in which house you are, whether you are close to the cusp, and whether their antiscia is anywhere important.
  • Then note down where the Nodes and their antiscia are.
  • First calculate the temperament, whether it is too imbalanced or not, whether there are obvious ways of dealing with the excess of the humor. Then also check the Ascendant, its ruler, the Sun, the Moon, the sixth house and its ruler and try to determine the most obvious health problems.
  • Secondly, calculate the “mind” of the person. The best way to do this is by investigating the Moon (phase, sign — element and mode— and anything immediately important) and Mercury (sign – element and mode — and anything immediately important) to determine the most immediate patterns of the mental process.
  • Once this is calculated then compare it with the temperament and check their connection to the Sun, the lord of the first, and the First house itself.
  • Once it is completely done next calculate the “Modes”. These are the obvious pattern behavior. It involves the angles and the ruler of the Ascendant.
  • After all the complex calculations are done then begin to investigate simple patterns like the mode or element of the signs the planets are in, the quadrants they are in, and whether there are planets that dominate the others by reception, or that are rejected by the others by reception, etc.), and try to get more info from that.
  • Next, you need to be used to going through each of the houses and looking at houses that appear to be obviously emphasized (by having planets on the cusp, etc.), and the ones related to areas that you want to investigate. Here the delineation ends. Now, “prediction” (judgment of events in the life begins).
  • You need to check and pay close attention to the areas and time periods, and what happened/is happening in each of them.
  • You can start by checking the Secondary Progressions for the periods. Then,  go to Solar Returns. After that proceed to Lunar Returns and Derived Lunar Returns.

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Houses In Birth Charts And Their Meanings

The Birth Chart is made according to the planetary situations at the moment of the birth of the person. Basically when a child is born and enters into this world, at that moment the placement and directions of the planets including the stars as well as sun and moon are saved and marked. These placement and directions are noted in the form of Numbers then which converts into a mathematical prototype and is then made into a form of a chart. There are 12 houses in a birth chart:

Each House Symbolizes Several Aspects

    • First House: signifies ‘your attitude’.
    • Second House: signifies ‘money’ and ‘family lineage’
    • Third house: signifies ‘Siblings’, ‘willpower’ and ‘bravery ‘.
    • Fourth House: signifies ‘mother’ and ‘satisfaction’
    • Fifth House: signifies ‘kids’ and ‘wisdom’
    • Sixth House: signifies ‘opponents’, ‘loans’ and ‘illness’
    • Seventh House: symbolizes ‘relationship’ and ‘Partnership
    • Eighth House: signifies ‘age’
    • Ninth House: signifies ‘fortune’, ‘Father’ and ‘dharma’
    • Tenth House: signifies ‘karma and employment’.
    • Eleventh House: signifies ‘Incoming gains’
    • Twelfth House: signifies ‘expenses

Planets In Birth Charts And Their Meanings

    • Sun – emotional ego, the basis of all energy in the horoscope, father
    • Moon – feelings, intellect, mother, personal security satisfaction
    • Mars – velour, manner of the personal power, competitiveness, brothers
    • Mercury – analytics transmission, analyses, believing process
    • Jupiter – development, instructor, formal understanding
    • Venus – connections, spiritual educator, metaphysical knowledge
    • Saturn – limitation, compression, karmic balancing, labor
    • Rahu – selfishness, appetite, allure, over-reaching
    • Ketu – apathy, boredom, non-interest, phobias

For example, If your Sun is in the 3rd house in Virgo Zodiac. So add these pairs of keywords (feelings, intellect, father, confidence ), added to (the neighbourhood, expanded family, brothers/siblings, your arms and your willpower) plus (infection, obligations, adversaries, assertions, the digestive system). You will get an individual who discovers confidence in talking, is a nice communicator, understands the right words to use, is very optimistic, especially with his paternal relatives, and father. He may be a motivator as he can speak to others about their difficulties, diseases etc., or an authorized person job related to health/has to assist.

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Ascendants In Birth Charts And Their Meanings


Arians are recognized to be immediate and voluntary. An Aries rising adds jealous energy and enthusiastic nature to the attitude. It also demonstrates the fascination that is propelled to accomplish (and possibly will) in all factors of life.


Taurus is beautiful and emotional and geared towards harvesting and growing connections. An Earth sign, they also have a strong desire to find glamour and happiness in everything they perform, particularly in developing partnerships, and in pleasing and cultural endeavours.


Gemini people are talkative and meaningful. One of the Air Zodiacs, they never conceal their emotions or feelings from anyone — in fact, they are always glancing to share their emotions with everyone. Their adolescence insures them carefree at all times.


A Water sign, Cancer people remake their excitements every two or so days, as the moon is always on the action. One belief is always compatible with Cancer risings: they are thoughtful and susceptible.


This fiery rising sign is full of power and existence. Leo’s risings are determined and passionate. They are constantly expecting to be in the spotlight, which suggests that they can be impressive at times and expect to be a center phase.


Curious by personality (an Earth sign), Virgo people are constantly glancing and scanning for explanations to progress a profound knowledge of the realm around them. They will gladly utilize their tolerance, confidence and operative mastery to gain the understanding they wish.


Using their charisma to earn what they expect, Libra people can be respected as uncertain, opting to inquire others for advice before making decisions themselves. One of the Air Zodiac, they are thoughtful but reserved. And, lovers of the reasonable life — no matter the price.


A Water zodiac, Scorpio people are recognized for their magical and influential nature. Don’t be tricked by their brooding and serious demeanor, they are enthusiastic and reliable — until they have a motive, not to faith others, then they can be vindictive.


Very outgoing, Sagittarius ascendants practice their active nature to confront others, accomplish fame and reasoning and increase their dignity. They are the cheerleaders for others and, most primarily, themselves.


While the Capricorn ascendant discovers pleasure attaching to structure and the normal order of things, they furthermore utilize their earthy truths to push their inherent vitality outwards to assist and encourage others to attain their objectives.


Aquarians are unique public justice soldiers from birth. This sign is recognized for using their lofty understanding and powerful proficiency for creative thought for the good of all. They will always battle for the tremendous acceptable before themselves.


Pisces risings are the shapeshifters. they can take on and comprehend all of the feelings that encircle them. They also can use their wisdom to see through consequences and make judgments established on gut instinct.

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How Future Prediction Is Performed By a Birth Chart

Birth Chart is established on scientific techniques and analytics. Every future prognosis is backed up by tremendous exploration and analysis. Astrologers attain the following levels in preparing and examining the horoscope: The relatively significant factor is the Sun: Sun sign is all-around ‘yourself’. Another vital element is the Moon: the Moon sign is your feelings, your invisible self. The ascendant sign is how you associate with other people and your temperament.


Well, that was it for this article about astrology for beginners. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. To learn more about numerological readings click here. With that, it’s time for me to go. Till next time, stay safe and thanks for reading.