All Heart Desire Numbers Explained [How To Calculate Your Heart Desire Number]

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We all know that numerology is the study of mystical secrets that the numeric number holds. These numbers can help you with different aspects of your life. So, in this article we will be seeing and unwinding the secrets behind all heart desire numbers and how to calculate them.

Heart Desire Numbers in Numerology

The VOWELS of your FULL Birth Name are used to calculate the Heart’s Desire Number, also known as the Heart Desire Number. Knowing your Heart’s Desire Number can help you understand the overall objectives underlying many of your acts, as well as your true motives, inner needs and impulses, and loves and preferences. The Heart’s Desire Figure means your true feelings and can have a significant impact on the decisions you make across your existence. One of the Core Numbers in Numerology is your Heart’s Desire (formerly Heart Desire) number, which also includes your Life Path Number, Expression (popularly known as Destiny) Number, Day Number (the day you were born), and Personality Multitude.

THE NUMBER OF YOUR HEART’S DESIRE Provides The Potential for YOUR Contentment. The fundamental, internal you are reflected in your Heart’s Desire; it shows an inherent eagerness and the basic purpose behind many of your acts. This number reflects the sort of atmosphere and career you prefer, as well as your tastes and preferences and the individuals you gravitate toward. It’s a template for what gives you pleasure, and it has a significant impact on the decisions you make in life. Acknowledging your heart’s desire provides you the insight you need to make better decisions — it’s the one rule you should always follow.

How To Calculate Heart Desire Number

  • In a straight line, enter your full maiden names (along with all family initials). E.g. EMILYJENNIFERSTONE. You can also add nicknames or titles given.
  • Make a list of the vowels in your given name.
  • Allocate a numerology figure to each syllable.
    • A = 1
    • U = 3
    • E = 5
    • O = 6
    • I = 9
    • Y = 7
  • The vowel ‘y’ behaves differently from the other sounds. Because it might sometimes be a consonant, it only has to be tallied when it indicates a syllable. The letter ‘y’ in the name ‘Emily,’ for example, is regarded as a vowel. In the Merriam-Webster vocabulary, you may discover more instances of when ‘y’ is a syllable. It only has to be counted if it seems to be a vowel.
  • Add the numbers of all the syllables together. In the above case, it will be 51 = 5+9+7+5+9+5+6+5
  • A final tally is a single-digit number. Continue to add the consonants in your moniker until you reach a single digit. 5+1 equals 6 which is the Heart Desire number of the name Emily Jennifer stone.
  • Let’s see another example of Oprah Gail Winfrey, so the sum of vowels is 6+1+9+1+5+9= 13, now reduced to a single digit by 1+3=4. So, in this case, the Heart Desire number is 4.

Let us have a brief understanding of all the numbers:

Numerology Heart desire number 1 meaning

The 1 Heart’s Desire number implies that you have a greater preference to guide your existence in the manner you believe is correct. You want to be autonomous and a leader in whatever business, activity, or knowledge in the particular you engage or are a member of more than others. Being a number one You have a keen sense of observation and are adept at assessing others’ talents. You have a strong sense of self-reliance. You like to create your distinct image through your demeanor and attire. As a result, you don’t mind causing a stir, and you even appreciate the awareness and influence you’ve had on your surroundings. Schedules, or anything that restricts your sovereignty and liberty, are disliked by the 1, especially if it is your Heart Desire number. You are utterly persistent in your capacity to bear hardships and conquer barriers when you dedicate yourself to something you truly love. You are a self-assured person who despises transferring the blame.

Numerology Heart desire number 2 meaning

The number 2 on the Heart’s Desire scale suggests a stronger commitment to peace, warmth, and protection. The soft, delicate, perceptive, and sympathetic spirit represented by this number longed for equilibrium in all parts of life, and you’ll be more conciliatory and delicate than strong in achieving your objectives. As a number two, You have a soft nature and avoid conflict as much as possible. When you don’t believe you can face a circumstance, you go through an internal conflict that can paralyze you. When you should be asserting yourself, you opt to give in. You need to improve your decision-making skills. Amid someone else’s aggression, you’re typically frightened to employ your strength. You mistakenly believe you are in a difficult spot, and you may eventually give in to avoid a conflict. You, on the other hand, are incredibly courteous and considerate. You prefer to achieve your goals by gentle persuasion. You despise the use of force. Confusion and doubt must be overcome.

Numerology Heart desire number 3 meaning

Being a 3, you have a natural ability to express yourself and are attracted to the linguistic arts, such as composting, playing, music, and literature. You might be particularly gifted in one of these areas. You are prone to wander and fantasize if your imagination is inhibited or stifled. Your creativity needs a productive outlet; else, it could take over your life. Simultaneously, you may find it challenging to convey your deepest feelings and intimate views. You’d rather stay on the surface, amusing others with your wit. You may fall into obsessive speech if you fail to deal genuinely with your inner nature. Such activity could simply be a means of draining precious resources that are gathering beneath your skin.

Numerology Heart desire number 4 meaning

Work is important in your life, but you may have a propensity to overindulge it; if you’re not cautious, you could become a perfectionist. As a four, You desire to marry and have kids and are an excellent parent. You may take regulation and the need for uniformity in your household too far, making your children and spouse feel constrained and limited. Versatility is the step to ensuring life’s harmonious relationship. Order is more essential to you than independence, which you often mistake for anarchy. Others, on the other hand, may not share your desire for well-defined structures; in fact, they may be extremely constrained and uneasy with them. To someone else, the tranquility you enjoy from consistency may feel like a prison.

Numerology Heart desire number 5 meaning

Your number 5 provides you with excellent life skills. You are not threatened by change, which is the sole constant in life, as other people are. You’re a very resourceful person. In general, you have outstanding cognitive and emotional responses and can think straight in an emergency. You usually land on your feet when you fall. You have a lot of energy. You are readily enthralled by fresh ideas or opportunities. Your personality is out of the ordinary. You’re a bit of a risk taker who takes chances when the stakes are high enough. You’re a people person who is seldom, if ever, bland or tedious.

Numerology Heart desire number 6 meaning

As a number six, You must be rewarded for your generosity and compassion. You’d like to know that you’re required. You are a compassionate and understanding person. You’re able to see past another person’s worst flaws and see enough good in them to keep the connection going. You’re patient, friendly, and compassionate, to the point of romanticism in some cases. As a counselor and healer, you have a natural talent. You’re a great listener who’s also empathetic and understanding. You can sympathize and empathize with a person’s situation.

Numerology Heart desire number 7 meaning

As a seven, Your inventiveness and abstract approach take your thinking from the simple to the intellectual once you’ve understood the facts of a subject. You have a speculative mind, but you prefer to build your hypotheses on verifiable findings rather than dreams or idle pondering. You like solving mental and physical problems, as well as disassembling and reassembling them. Some folks may think you’re aloof or cool. You’re a touch introverted; you could feel a little distant and out of place. You like the idea of a recluse or a healer living a life of research and contemplation.

Numerology Heart desire number 8 meaning

You have a raw talent to harmonize the spiritual and physical realms. You must develop bravery and endurance. Confidence is something that may be chosen. You must choose to be resilient in the face of adversity. The number 8 is one of the most impressive and fulfilling of all the numbers. It is the mentality of the genuine warrior, capable of rising above adversity and achieving greater success.

Numerology Heart desire number 9 meaning

As a Heart Desire 9, forgiveness is one of your most crucial life experiences. You may think of yourself as outstanding to others since you are working hard to achieve high aspirations. Many 9s fall into the trap of selfishness. The issue is that hubris isolates you from what you care about most: people. As a result, your happiness and pleasure are heavily dependent on your ability to serve and affect others.

this image introduces the paragraph about the Importance of Master Numbers

Master Numbers

The number 11 is a Master number, thus it brings with it a lot of understanding and awareness. You were destined to be a humanitarian. You’re motivated by a desire to resolve problems and bring peace to the world. Even as a child, you had a deep awareness of life, even if it remained unnoticed by others. You are a dreamer and a healer. Second, according to the 22 master number, You have all of the knowledge, delicacy, and electrifying inventiveness that such a power implies. You have the 11’s ingenuity and the 4’s down-to-earth pragmatism. This combo can make you incredibly adept at realizing your goals. You are tolerant, pleasant, and empathic, to the verge of tenderness, when you are born under the number 13. As a counselor and healer, you have a natural talent. You’re a good communicator who’s also compassionate and empathetic. You can sympathize and empathize with a person’s predicament. Even though you are also a 6 (33 reduces to 6). The 33 Master Number’s additional characteristics are usually not noticeable until at least age 35, and they can lay stable even further. You still have it in you – the empathy and emotional wisdom that can help you become a great and positive power in the universe.


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