Numerology For Beginners (10-Minute Complete Guide)

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In this article,  I will be telling you everything about numerology for beginners. Basically, Numerology is the concept of supernatural, mystical connections between numbers and their occurrences. The number value linked with people, phrases, and concepts is the subject of numerology. Numerology is an esoteric discipline that studies how numbers relate to physical objects and living things. Numbers, according to some who believe in numerology, have an effect on friendships, wellness, careers, and matrimony in total. Numerology is a different thing to learn and understand but today in this article I will be explaining beginner level numerology in just 10 minutes.

First, let’s see…

What Numerology Really Is And Why It Is So Important

Numerology is a science of numbers and is very effective in tracing the lifetime events of an individual. Numerology is an in-depth study of numbers. Knowledge is gained about the positive and negative aspects of each number in one’s life. Various aspects of life such as personal growth, success, health, relationships are governed by numerology. To attain peace and happiness a perfect balance of numbers is necessary. Numerology is a crucial component of astronomy that uses real to determine a person’s life and career. Via the use of numerals and numerical computations, numerology can be conducted to identify an individual’s thinking processes, lifestyle, destiny, professional route, and so on. Understanding Numerology aids in identifying our pros and cons, as well as assisting us in achieving our goals by developing a better atmosphere and removing bad emotions. It lays the road for success in both work and personal life, as well as assisting us in understanding and shaping our future. We are all created with a mission, and while we are all incredibly different, we are all oddly similar spirits within operates on the very same karmic theory—balancing or unbalancing our lives is our choice. The oxygen we inhale and the thoughts we say do not vary if we dwell in palaces or huts; the heavens here and the floor underneath support a pauper and a multi-millionaire equally. What distinguishes us is our mentality and attitudes toward our own selves, our aims, and our ambitions.

Harmonic alterations

Individuals, their ideas, behaviors, circumstances, perspectives, as well as the way they live reality are all accepted in a neutral manner through numerals. Numerology can help you realize your full potential by using the authority of the date you were born and the quantity your name adds up to. It’s also worth noting that the syllable and pronunciations in your name play an important role in your life. While numerology is a study of digits, a fortune teller is a composer who uses the paint of his or her numeric creativity to colour your aspirations. The more realistic the numerologist’s visualization of your objectives, the better your prospects of progress and happiness are. Each letter corresponds to a set of values, which are governed by astronomical alignments. The harmonic alterations that occur as a result of the numerologist’s modifications to your spelling are incredible. Numbers interweave enchantment by narrowing the gap between one’s wants and the consequences that are predetermined. Numerology is an ability to heal a mechanism of action that teaches you to deal with life as it is and not to try to change situations or people. Instead, it teaches you to be able to confront whatever life throws at you.

Beginner Level Numerology

The first and the foremost thing is what can you find out by using numerology and how that thing can affect your life in a good and positive way. So let’s see…

The Use Of Numerology:
  • The basic use is to find your name meaning and your birth date meaning, but numerology can be used for much more than that.
  • You can use numerology to find out your personality number, which basically tells you how others perceive your personality.
  • Your heart number will tell you about your hopes and dreams for the future. You can calculate the name of another person to find out their compatibility with you, or whether or not this person could be your soul mate.
  • Different days of the month have different energies based on their number, and different times of the day do as well. Numerology can tell you what day of the month is best for certain activities such as looking for a job or going on vacation.
  • Different times of the day have their own energies as well, and using numerology can help you decide what time is best to, say, go shopping.
  • Different modalities include combining numerology and astrology to give more information about your birth date, your current situations and your life path, as well as how other people figure into your life as family members, friends, lovers etc.
  • There is a system of numerology that combines your soul number and your personality number to different colors in an exploration of creativity in your life.
  • For this, different numbers correspond to different colors and the idea that you can use color to enhance your life in many ways.
  • Another area that combines two popular methods of life improvement is to combine numerology with gemstones and crystals. Many people believe that the energies of gemstones can enhance our lives, and one mode of numerology combines numbers with corresponding gemstones and crystals.
  • This will enhance the energy of your particular number and the energy of the gemstone that goes with it.
  • People use numerology to help them with many of life’s tough decisions.
  • If you are unemployed, then using numerology to help you know what day to look for a particular job, or even what type of job would be the best for you can give you a leg up.
  • People have changed their names, both first and last names, in order to achieve more harmony and luck.
  • People who play games have used numerology to help them win.
  • Do a compatibility reading of your name and theirs. Some people will choose a place to live based on the street or apartment number.

Now the question that arises is how do we learn and implement numerology to find out all these answers?

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Implementation Of Numerology

Numerology is giving sense out of a person’s life. If you believe in the power that numbers have then used them to your advantage only makes sense. You must simply choose the model of numerology that makes the most sense to you and begin to understand how to use it. To know your numerology is easy all you need is the Name of the person and Date of birth. But basic characteristics can be calculated from the Date of birth only. Numerology is easier to calculate than the Horoscope. You don’t need to be a professional in numerology. By learning simple 3 – 4 steps you can determine a person’s characteristic sitting in front of you without any experience of human behavior. It can be about yourself as well. You can find out the following things like:

  • What is the ultimate goal of your life?
  • What is the reason behind your anger, emotions, and failures?
  • Why is someone successful?
  • Why a person possesses skills like speaking, learning, management and many others.

How To Calculate Your Numerology

To understand and calculate your numerology, the most important technique used is to calculate the life path number. The importance of a life path is to determine where we should be heading with our lives. Existence will bring discontent, discontent, numerous hurdles, and vice-versa if we do not move in the proper route. This explains why we are on this planet and what we happened to come here to do with our lives; as a result, none of it substantial can be accomplished if we ignore our ultimate fate, as it identifies the central section we chose to understand about and where we will find our chance to pursue our intent (even if we don’t recollect doing so, our heart knows the explanations for doing so). Each spirit must study all of the teachings and master all of the paths in order to develop. This component is at the centre of just about everything. But how do we calculate the life path number? It is simple…

Let’s look at an example:

A Life Path is calculated by adding your full date of birth. For Example, if anyone’s date of birth is 23rd September 1980, then the Life Path number comes as (2+3+9+1+9+8+0) = 32. Now, one needs to bring this number 32 to a single digit, which comes to 3+2= 5. So, number 5 becomes one’s Life Path Number.

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Meaning of life path or birth number 5

The life path number is 5 in this situation. According to the number 5, the PENTA, a five-pointed esoteric magical constellation that spreads out in all dimensions in pursuit of completeness, is five. Of all of the other single-digit numerals, the number 5 is the most active and vibrant. It’s unpredictably erratic, always changing, and always in need of adjustment. Number 5 people are fascinating, and they are probably polite to everyone else and accepting of other views and viewpoints. However, people who want to follow rigorous standards may find their ostentatious looks or snide remarks irritating at times. People in Number 5 enjoy chatting, sharing information, facts, and the latest innovations due to their unquenchable interest. The number 5 is associated with pleasures, independence, and adventure. It also brings our dreams and desires into our lives, bringing a sense of harmony to our existence. It boosts your conviction and causes you to look at life in a new light. Even if the number is daring, it also has a goal and a purpose that guides one in the proper route. Expressiveness, flexibility, intellectual interest, variety, vacation, and administrative practices of business are all good elements. Variation, uncertainty, and rapidity are the potential downsides.

Let’s see another example:

A Life Path is calculated by adding your full date of birth. For Example, if anyone’s date of birth is 25th September 1980, then the Life Path number comes as (2+5+9+1+9+8+0) = 34. Now, one needs to bring this number 34 to a single digit, which comes to 3+4= 7. So, number 7 becomes one’s Life Path Number. As far as the number 7 is considered, If you have a Life Path 7, your destiny and misfortunes will be centered around your quest for truth. Number 7s like to find answers and are deeply attuned to the spiritual aspects of life. Seven is profound, contemplative, sensitive, secretive, recluse, secretive, distinct, aloof, and unconcerned about the outward realm of events, but not about the hidden realms of concealment, romance, and secret mystery. Seven is a very critical, inquiring, perfectionist, and skeptical personality.

In this way, you can use numerology and implement it on your date of birth in no time and simply be able to get the answers related to your love, personality, career, life with the help of numbers.


Well, that was it for this article about numerology for beginners. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. To learn more about numerological readings click here. With that, it’s time for me to go. Till next time, stay safe and thanks for reading.