Angel Number 21: Meaning & Symbolism (Numerology Secrets of 21)

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Angel number 21 is one of the unique angel numbers.

Angel number 21

When you find this number in different places, it’s a sign that you need to change something about your life and how you live.

However, this change is positive and happy, so you need not worry.

To benefit from the goodness sent your way, you must accept and connect with this number.

To do that, you need to understand what it means and what it stands for.

Angel Number 21 Spiritual Meaning

Angel number 21 represents strength, goodness, bravery, and independence.

Connecting with this number brings feelings of freedom and self-reliance. This usually happens when you are close to a significant breakthrough in life.

Connecting with this number brings feelings of freedom and self-reliance

Some of the most significant life changes have to be experienced alone, so while your family will love and support you, there will be this strong confidence in yourself and your ability.

It would give you the courage to take up your tasks without fear.

If you are someone who attaches too much importance to the beliefs and judgments of other people, this number is a sign that your guardian angels are asking you to shed the weight.

And they are going to help you through the process.

It could be a change in your life that will lead you on the soul-searching journey to freedom.

But be assured that the change will always be a good one. Brace yourself for the enormous opportunities that are coming your way.

The angel number 21 is accompanied by great options that will come to you freely. You do not have to be anxious or scared of messing up your chances.

At this moment in your life, things will happen for you and not to you.

You will get many opportunities until you settle for the most convenient one.

Be alert and ready to do your best with your blessings. This is a turning point in your life. You will be filled with confidence in yourself, and you will effectively manage the different areas of your life effortlessly.

Angel number 21 opens the era of self-accountability.

On this path, you will learn to let go of the past and leave it where it is meant to be. You will make better choices and be generally satisfied with your life.

Love will blossom around you, and things will work out in your favor.

Angel Number 21 Meaning In The Bible

Number 21 is significant in the bible and biblical numerology.

A few events have been attached to the number 21, and they all mean almost the same thing.

For example, The Apostle Paul talked about 21 sins in the bible, which he advised Timothy to be mindful of.

Also, in the month of Nisan, the Lord punished the Egyptians for their transgressions.

In the book of Obadiah, there is only one chapter with 21 verses. There are other places where the number 21 is mentioned.

Based on the seven instances in which the number 21 was used in the bible, the number has been linked to revolt and rebellion.

However, it is still closely related to the number 13, which is seen as symbolic of sin. Because the number 8 and number 13 gives the number 21, a special meaning is attached to them.

According to Bible numerology, whenever you keep seeing the number 21, it is a call to pay attention to yourself, your line of thought, and your behavior.

According to Bible numerology, whenever you keep seeing the number 21, it is a call to pay attention to yourself, your line of thought, and your behavior.

If you are battling with unsettling thoughts and maybe emotions, put in the needed effort to process them.

It might also indicate that you are likely to encounter greater affection and loyalty in your relationships.

People who have been having difficulty in their relationships need to pause and commit more to their partners, family, or even children.

If there are unresolved issues, this is an excellent time to have them fixed.

Overall, the number 21 signals that things are about to change for you.

Lean into the unfolding and cease the chances life gives you.

21 Angel Number Twin Flame

Angel number 21 also has a meaning for your relationship and love life.

Sometimes, the change that the 21 angel number brings doesn’t affect all areas of your life. It may just be your love life and a message to you about your twin flame.

This is a sign for you to believe more in yourself and what you have to offer in a relationship.

The dynamic of your love life starts with your beliefs and thoughts.

Are you optimistic about experiencing true and happy love?

Do you believe your relationship can be everything you desire?

Harboring limiting beliefs makes it hard for you to get what you want.

It’s time to let those beliefs go. Have faith in yourself and the goodness you have to offer. Believe you will find the one because you will sooner than you think.

This angel number 21 means you have a lot to give and are worthy of receiving lots of love.

Do not let the hurt from past relationships blind you or stop you from chasing what you want. You deserve every bit of it.

Show up for yourself and be available to help those around you.


Take all your relationships seriously and hang out with those who make your soul happy.

Step out and extend your zone of comfort.

Actively try to meet new people.

Do more of all the good you do in every area of your life. The kind of love you want with family, friends, or lovers is coming to you. Open your heart and soul to the joy that is approaching.

Angel Number 21 Love

The angels could send you the number 21 to advise you about your love life.

During this period, reflect on the health of your relationship.

What is going well?

What is not going well?

What can you do to improve?

Most of the time, the angels try to pass you any of these powerful messages.

Be Attentive


The angels urge you to be aware of your own and your partner’s needs.

Are your needs met in the relationship?

Are you meeting your partner’s needs? When your partner has something to say to you, listen to your whole self. Do not only listen to respond. Listen to understand.

Do you have any idea what your partner is up to?

Could they use a little help?

Give your partner surprises. Support their dreams and whatever they are working hard to achieve. Most importantly, ask them to let you know how you can be of help.

Honor Your Partner


Respect your partner.

Is there something they have complained to you about?

Honor them and honor their needs.

Seek their opinions and respect them. Make decisions together for big and small things. Carry them along.

Make Healthy Compromise


Your guardian angel is telling you to soften up.

All relationships are held together by healthy compromises.

Your partner should be able to make sacrifices for you, and you should be able to do the same.

Build a Strong Bond

Build a Strong Bond

The angels want you to enjoy the beauty of a fulfilling relationship.

This is born from a strong bond. If your relationship is doing great now, this is a sign to maintain the tempo.

A near-death relationship can still work if both parties commit to repairing the bond.

Have emotionally intimate conversations.

Make time to spend with each other.

Discuss topics you love. Take a vacation. Partake in activities that would strengthen your bond and relationship.

Angel Number 21 Doreen Virtue

It would be impossible to thoroughly understand the meaning of angel number 21 without considering the significance of Doreen Virtue attached to it.

One of the most well-known spiritualists is Doreen Virtue. Angel number 21 is interpreted positively by this spiritualist.

Doreen Virtue sees the number 21 as the energy that would help you get ahead in life’s journey. She links the number to “stability,” “success,” and “strength.”

She sees the number 21 as a mark of the Divine’s blessing for being a good soul. It connotes an incoming reward for all you have done and all you have been through.

Angel Number 21 Numerology 

Angel number 21 symbolizes strength, rebirth, reward, and renewal.

It shows the strength of your virtue and your strength as a person.

It aims to reward you and grant your desires. This signifies that you are stepping into a phase of abundance in life.

Your guardian angel is passing a cryptic message to inform you about the abundance that awaits you.

Your dream partner or twin flame will find you, and if you have seen them already, your bond will be strengthened.

Angel number 21 is a sign of good luck and protection. Positive energy is around you, and its presence will add more fun and beauty to your life.


When you constantly come across the number 21, you should not fidget or panic.

You should be happy and tune in to your energy and intuition.

Angel number 21 is filled with positivity. It signifies glad tidings and the unveiling of the things you long for.