Angel Number 666 (Spiritual Symbolism & Meaning)

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Angel Number 666

Now, the grouping of three sixes (as in “666 Angel Number”) may not jump out at you as much, but you may wonder if three 6’s together are important and if they mean something.

The answer is yes: these number sequences mean something.

Let’s find out what it means!

The term “angel number” should tell you that this is something to be attentive to and keep an open mind about. Supernatural forces are sending messages across to you.

What Does Angel Number 666 Mean?

It’s easy to conclude that angel number 666 signifies a bad omen because of what it represents in the Bible.

Interestingly, angel number 666 has many positive meanings.

Here are some of its implications;

Pay closer attention 

Angel number 666 is a sign from your angel that you must pay close attention to your goals and ambitions.

Angel number 666 is a sign from your angel that you must pay close attention to your goals and ambitions.

A lot of times, you get so distracted by your problems that you forget the main reason why you’re on earth.

Seeing this angel number reminds you to focus on what matters.

Also, when you have been focusing on something for so long, and it seems not to be working, angel number 666 signals you to shift your attention to something else.

And the good part is that while in this state where you need a redirection, seeing angel number 666 is a sign that your angel has your back every step of the way.

Forgive and let go 

If you have a tense relationship with a friend or loved one, it’s time for reconciliation.

Seeing this angel number is an instruction from your angel to fix things between yourself and your loved one.

Seeing angel number 666 is an instruction from your angel to fix things between yourself and your loved one.

It also shows that you should not dwell on issues for so long.

This helps your relationships and improves your mental health as well.

Holding on to past hurts does no good; it only makes you a prisoner of the past.

Have no worries 

There’s a saying that worrying is a fruitless journey, especially when you have no control over the situation.

Seeing angel number 666 signifies that you should stop worrying and focus on the parts of your life that seem to be working.

This is not a sign of giving up on your ambitions or dreams, but to be patient and content with what you have for the time being instead.

Depression hasn’t brought out the best in anyone, so it’s best to cultivate positive energy while holding out hope.

This angel number signals that you should trust your guardian angel to always come through for you.

Angel Number 666 Willow Soul

Willow Soul is an outstanding angel number guardian.

He believes that the world would be at peace and receive healing through angel numbers.

Here’s what he thinks about angel number 666;

  • First, Willow Soul believes that seeing angel number 666 is a sign that you need to develop positive thoughts. It’s no news that words are powerful, and many of our reviews are filled with words. These thoughts affect the universe, whether positive or negative. For the world to be a wonderful place, you must think positive thoughts which affect the universe.
  • Secondly, seeing angel number 666 is your angel telling you that it is okay to dream big. If you have almost given up on your dreams in life and you keep seeing angel number 666, you have to up your game in chasing your dreams. When we have big positive plans and eventually achieve them, it benefits the world. Angels aren’t only concerned about you; they believe showing you a sign will also help the entire universe.
  • Thirdly, according to Willow Soul, angel number 666 is a sign of being more optimistic about life. This makes you more energetic to eventually achieve your goals. He believes that you can have all your heart desires with positive thinking. Just think about them and see your angels bring them your way.

Angel Number 666 Twin Flame

It’s such an amazing feeling to finally meet someone that has a lot in common with you.

Twin flame connection is the desire of a lot of people.

The good thing is you can get guidance on the state of your twin flame if you keep seeing angel number 666.

If you haven’t met your twin flame, this angel number assures you that your twin flame is close.

You will eventually meet their twin flame, but we all have different timings.

However, if it’s taking too long for your twin flame to show up, seeing this angel number means you should hang in there.

Not all relationships are perfect; even the best of friends fight.

Your relationship with your twin flame won’t always be rosy.

Seeing this angel number signifies that you must focus on self-development to have a smooth relationship with your twin flame.

It’s quite easy to find the problem in everyone else asides from ourselves.

Seeing this angel number is a pointer that could be the problem, and you must work to improve yourself.

Not all twin flames are designed to last for a lifetime.

So in cases where the relationship with your twin flame is broken beyond repair, this angel number assures you that you will meet another twin flame.

The general misconception is that twin flames appear only once in a lifetime.

Everyone deserves a second chance; if it doesn’t work with one, it can work with another.

Angel Number 666 Meaning in Love 

Angel number 666 could also be a pointer to something in your love and relationship life.

Here are the meanings of angel number 666 in love;

Love is around the corner 

Finding love is quite different for everyone; most people find it easy, but for some others, this journey can take a while.

If you have been waiting to find love and angel number 666 keeps appearing, it isn’t a bad omen.

It simply signifies that love isn’t far away, so your wait won’t be long.

angel number 666 signifies that love isn't far away from you

Don’t Idolize love

The need to find love makes one idolize love; finding love isn’t all there is to life.

This angel number is a sign to focus on other things while waiting for love.

Other areas of your life should still strive whether or not you find love. Idolizing love is part of the reason why some people settle for less.

They don’t care who the love comes from as long as they feel loved.


Seeing angel number 666 is also a call to evaluate your relationship; you have to ask yourself critical questions like “Is this worth it?”, “Is this relationship healthy?”

Some relationships are toxic, and seeing this angel number signifies that you should take the bold of letting go.

Your angel assures you that you deserve better, but for the right partner to come, you must let go of a toxic relationship.

Move on 

When people get out of relationships, they find it difficult to move on with their life.

Seeing this angel number means moving on from the past and focusing on what’s in front of you.

Your angels feel your pain, so they are trying to communicate with you to let you know that you are not alone.

Move on from the past and focus on what is infront of you

Angel Number 666 Pregnancy

As shocking as it may seem, angel number 666 has something to tell you if you are waiting to be pregnant, currently pregnant, or have miscarried a baby.

If you have been waiting to have a baby, seeing this angel number signifies that your miracle is close.

Worrying and stressing over your waiting time doesn’t make the process any easier.

So your angel uses the number 666 to encourage you to wait patiently without worry.

If you are pregnant already, you should rejoice because this angel number signifies that you will have a smooth delivery.

Many people start having cold feet when they conceive; in this case, your angel assures you that everything will be alright.

Miscarriages are quite common; they can be very traumatic experiences.

However, if you keep seeing angel number 666, this is a sign that your guardian angel feels your pain and will never leave you.

Also, it means that you shouldn’t lose hope and encourages yourself to try again.



Number 666 isn’t a bad omen, as many think.

If you focus on this number’s positive attributes, you will understand that it has a special meaning.

Angels are sending you a message to put more emphasis on love, have greater faith in your skills, and use them to better the world and your future.