Are Angel Numbers Real? Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re wondering whether angel numbers exist, you’ve come to the right place. This piece will cover all the information you want on angel numbers and whether they are real.

Have you recently encountered sequential numbers such as 5:55, 222, 777, and so on?

It’s natural to be intrigued if you keep seeing these numbers.

There is a strong belief that these numbers are angel numbers and that seeing them signifies that your angels have a message for you.

There have been several misconceptions about the authenticity of Angel numbers.

While some consider these numbers a sign of good fortune, others believe that angel numbers do not exist and thus dismiss this as a mere fantasy.

So, Are Angel Numbers Real?

Angel numbers, according to numerology, are a series of numbers that appear in certain repetitions or arrangements.

These numbers are usually found in groups of three or four, such as 111, 5555, and so on. Sometimes, they appear in split numbers, such as 4404.

Doreen Virtue, an American author, and motivational speaker describes angel numbers as one of the best ways used by angels to communicate with humans.

Doreen Virtue has written several books about angel numbers, in which she explains in detail the symbolism and mystery behind angel numbers.

Furthermore, Joanne Walmsley, a tarot card reader, specializing in studying the spirit, body, and mind, confirms the existence of angel numbers.

Joanne has written several books and articles about angel numbers on her blog, Sacred Scribes.

In her books, Joanne unveils the mystery behind angle numbers.

Most physicists believe these numbers are real and represent divine guidance from angels and the spiritual world.

Nevertheless, whether angel numbers exist or not, no one can deny that they have left an incredible impact on our minds.

Where Are Angel Numbers Seen

Where Are Angel Numbers Seen

If your angels want to communicate with you, they will go to any length.

As a result, many people believe they use numbers to catch your attention.

Do you want to know where you can find angel numbers?

The truth is that angel numbers can be found almost anywhere, which is what makes them unusual and, in turn, piques your interest.

Angel numbers can appear in several places, including;

  • License plates
  • Receipts
  • Clocks
  • House addresses
  • Alarms
  • Timestamps
  • Travel itinerary
  • Phone number
  • Price tag

Consider waking up to the number 5:55 on your alarm clock, then noticing the same number on a billboard and then on your price tag. Now, that’s something to be curious about.

What Makes an Angel Number

According to numerology, angel numbers are made up of a series of numbers containing spiritual symbolism.

These numbers could indicate that you are being helped or guided. It could also be a sign that you are on the right track.

Generally, what makes angel numbers unique are the messages they convey.

When people see angle numbers, the first thing that comes to mind is what they could mean. You may find yourself wondering, “What does this number mean?” What does my angel want me to know? What is the next step my angel wants me to take?

Understanding the meaning of an angel number necessitates paying close attention to your inner voice. You must learn to trust your instincts if you are to understand what your angels are saying.

How Do You Decode an Angel Number

It cannot be easy to interpret angel numbers.

But you may discover the significance of the angel number you keep seeing by following these few rules.

Listen to your inner voice

Accurately decoding angel numbers would require the use of your intuitive abilities.

However, it would be better if you first developed the attitude of believing what your inner voice is telling you.

Your guardian angel will frequently communicate with you through your inner voice, so you must learn to understand your voice.

Study each number in the sequence

A number sequence is made up of individual numbers, each of which has its meaning.

For example, if you see the angel number 549, you should first investigate each number separately.

Knowing what each number represents helps you understand its meaning when added together.

Understand where the meaning lies

While studying each number in the angel number sequence is important, knowing where the number lies expedite your search for answers.

The order of the numbers in a sequence has its significance and meaning.

When there are more than three numbers in a sequence, the middle number or numbers are the primary focus because they represent the message’s central point.

For example, if you keep seeing 580 or 5779, you should pay closer attention to the numbers 8 and 77, as these are typically used to convey the main message.

Do Angel Numbers Have Spiritual Meanings 

Do Angel Numbers Have Spiritual Meanings 

Everything has a spiritual component, and they are no exception.

They can help you with more than just your physical needs; they can also help you with your spiritual needs.

Here are a few examples of the spiritual significance of angel numbers:

Spiritual growth

Angel numbers could be a sign of spiritual development. They guide you on how to grow spiritually and give you a heads-up when you are spiritually stagnant.


It is also a call to meditate; meditation is a spiritual growth factor.

Separating yourself from the noise and attempting to connect with your instincts is critical to spiritual development.

New phase 

It indicates that you are about to enter a new spiritual phase. This new phase has energy; if you’ve been feeling stuck, you’ll be relieved to see an angel number.


Angels are usually linked to guidance which is why they are sometimes called guidance angels.

They could also have a spiritual meaning that is centered on the direction. If you keep seeing an angel number, it signifies that your angel has got you fully covered.

Where Did Angel Numbers Originate

They aren’t developed overnight; they have existed for a long time as numerology.

They cannot be discussed fully without referring to the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

In the 60s, Pythagoras was fully involved in numerology; this means he attached meanings to numbers.

According to Pythagoras, numbers ruled the world and were the center of everything.

In collaboration with other scientists, Pythagoras concluded that everything on earth could be described using numbers and measurements. He stated that the entire universe has a numerical value.

After the death of Pythagoras, L. Dow Balliett went further to build on what Pythagoras had already done.

She published texts that were centered on Pythagoras’Pythagoras’ theory.

In her texts, she stated that numbers are as beautiful as every other thing in the world. She stated that numbers have color, vibrations, and even music.

Doreen Virtue coined the term angel number after she understudied the numerology of Pythagoras. Doreen argues that everything in the universe has a frequency that has a divine meaning.

What Do You Do When You See Angel Numbers 

They are good signs from your angels; gratitude should be your first reaction when you see an angel number.


Imagine witnessing an angel number that saves you from an ordeal. You have no option but to be grateful.

Secondly, you have to embrace the fact that they are real.

Clear every doubt you have regarding the originality so that the message from your angel will be effective.

They are there to give you direction, so you must affirm and reassure yourself when you see this number.

Angel numbers are signs that you need to trust your angels more; when you see this angel number, release yourself from all the pressure you feel and trust your angel for help.

Also, have it fixed in your heart that you’re never alone; your angel is always there for you.

Seeing angel numbers is also a sign of putting in the hard work. Efforts are like seeds; they germinate and produce a bountiful harvest depending on the level of energy invested.

So angel numbers are signs that you shouldn’t give up but to keep pushing.

How Do You Connect With Your Angel 

How Do You Connect With Your Angel 

All thanks to angel numbers, you can have a relationship with your angels.

However, knowing how to respond to angels when they give signs is very important. They aren’t humans, and you can’t respond to them with words or numbers. You can, however, reply to them in the following ways;

  • Be grateful when you see angel numbers; your angels are encouraged to show you more signs.
  • Pay close attention to your instincts; most times, you can only discern the meaning of angel numbers through your instincts. If they aren’t well developed, you can make big mistakes.
  • Obey your angel’s instructions.
  • Focus on meditations and quiet times.
  • Look forward to seeing a sign from your angel.


Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers appearing in groups of threes or fours.

These numbers often symbolize divine assistance from angels.

According to research, they had existed since the early 60s when they started as mare numerology, which Pythagoras discovered. Although authors like Joanne and Doreen have proven that they are real, some people still doubt the existence of these numbers.