Twin Flame Union and Separation (How To Spot The Signs)

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We’ll discuss numerology today, how it ties to the twin flame journey, and how it might help people understand more about themselves. Make sure you read the entire article to learn how to recognize indicators of twin flame union and separation, as well as how they might affect a person.

So, to begin, let’s go through the fundamentals in great detail.

Numerology is the study of numbers and symbols in order to discover more about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, as well as how you relate with other people in life. As a result, each number in numerology signifies specific energy or vibration, therefore it is common for twin flames to see recurring numbers. In my perspective, the number 11:11 is the most prevalent of these twin flame numbers. As a result, there’s a concept that the number that’s meant for you will appear frequently, allowing you to extrapolate that it has some relevance in your life. As a result, it’s not just how often this number emerges, but also why.

What Is The Meaning Of Twin Flames?

The term “Twin Flames” is not synonymous with the term “Soul Mate.” When we think of the one we admire, the person with whom we are ideally suited beyond a shadow of a doubt is a twin flame, we always think of the term “Soul Mate.” Whereas we are each other’s, Soul Mates. We all pop in and out of each other’s lives, teaching and learning from one another. The number 9 is the most powerful life path number for rebirth, and twin flame numerology typically refers to a pair of twins with a life path number of 9. While traveling, it’s common to be bombarded with recurrent patterns and strange coincidences. Basically, the people ok couple having the same life path number are said to be twin flames of each other and have good compatibility and strong bonding of one another. Allergy numerology believes in the fact that two people are literally made for one another and how to look for your significant other is by looking at your twin flame life path number.

Extremely Vital Bond

When you’re getting set to meet your twin flame for the first time, it’s common to be bombarded by recurrent patterns and strange coincidences everywhere you go. At first, you dismiss it as a coincidence. However, you start to wonder if the Universe is trying to speak with you or if you’re going nuts. You’ve probably heard of Life Path Numbers and are wondering what they mean and whether they can be used to confirm a twin flame connection. Twin flame love is primarily concerned with spiritual advancement, with the purpose of awakening your consciousness. For individuals who are twin flames, their bond is extremely vital. These are links between twin flames who are an asset to the same shows but are reincarnated in two distinct bodies and have a soul contract to meet and reunite in life. These two persons can assist each other in leading a tranquil and spiritual life by complementing each other’s talents and shortcomings.

The concept of twin flame comes with two different categories which are number one twin flame Union which leads are comes from the second category which is known as twin flame separation and we are going to talk about each one of these categories in detail.

Twin Flame Union

Twin flames are eternally linked. It’s more of a realization of deep thought connections at the reunion. Despite the warmest hugs, the transfer of mutual empathy now takes precedence, and stronger physical affection leads to a better understanding at a reunion. Because life was awful in isolation or alone, they developed a deep form of space respect and value realization. Auras connect at reunions, resulting in a fusion of passion as well as increased concern for safety and longevity. Kisses don’t seem to be enough to express love, and no speech, just a silent hug, seems to be enough to convey all the deep-seated, unsaid love notes. It’s a lovely reunion since spirits are entwined and overlapping as one.

In a nutshell, it basically is a union of two people having the same life path number is considered twin flame of one and other expressing love and sorrow and can fully satisfy each and other persons need without even saying. Numerology says that when a person is close to meeting or reuniting with his or her twin flame he or she ought to experience some symptoms or signs that usually happen so let’s discuss some of those signs one by one. These indicators you receive prior to a union are the same signs you receive prior to the outcome of your spiritual awakening.

Signs For Twin Flame Reunion

  • Peace and Calmness

Numerology says and it explains that when two people are coming close to their twin flame Union they experience a ton of peace and calmness within each and every moment they spend. Most people have recorded this symptom before meeting their twin flame and said that this is one of the most frequent symptoms and signs that people ought to experience.

  • Faith in your soul

During that time period, the person becomes extremely light as peace is all over their mind and they start knowing about their soul and inner self and believes that their soul will be going to take them to the right and correct parts due to which they have faith in it. If you think ok you are suddenly experiencing good faith in your soul then maybe you are close to meeting your twin flame. When your mind starts to act up, you go right to your soul. You know what to do through guidance with your soul instead of listening to your mind.

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  • Realization

Numerology also explains that people usually try to get a realization of what they are really doing and have a sudden realization of the world for their existence. You realize that any pain or suffering people are going through is just their souls trying to get them to realize what is and what isn’t true to their own soul.

Well, these are the three major signs some other experienced by people are:

  • You will be guided to meditate and spend quality time alone by your spirit.
  • You’ll be more spiritual and perceptive.
  • You’ll devote more time to spiritual development.
  • You’ll entirely give up control to the cosmos. You’ll put more emphasis on mending and growth than on reuniting.
  • You will feel self-sufficient. You’ll accept yourself just the way you are.
  • There will be no more yearning for a reunion. You’ll rely on the divine’s timing.

Well, that was all about twin flame Union not coming towards a second phase which links or drives from the Twin flame Union is the twin flame separation and people have experienced that it leads to severe depression and other human activities which we will be going to discuss.

Twin Flame Separation

The vast majority of Twin Flame relationships have a period of separation, as is generally documented. This is significant since separation plays such a crucial part in our spiritual development. This separation could be physical — a physical separation due to distance – but it could also be emotional or spiritual, and none of these things negates the other. All three are generally present during the Twin Flame relationship’s separation period. When we are separated from our Twin Flame, we may suffer the deepest sensations of sadness and loneliness. But we may rest assured that we would not be faced with this problem if we were not prepared.

Understanding the symptoms of Twin Flame separation is the first step toward overcoming the difficulty. All three are generally present during the Twin Flame relationship’s separation period.  When we are separated from our Twin Flame, we may suffer the deepest sensations of sadness and loneliness. But we may rest assured that we would not be faced with this problem if we were not prepared. Some of these major symptoms and signs of twin flame separation are as follows.

Signs For Twin Flame Separation

  • Argument

When a Twin Flame relationship enters the separation stage, we may observe a significant increase in the frequency and severity of fights. These debates can be about almost anything, but they all boil down to one thing: spiritual and emotional wounds. This stage of Twin Flame separation can be unpleasant because it brings old scars to the surface. We bring out the deepest scars in one other so that we can face, heal, and move past them.

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  • Chasers and Runners

Most Twin Flame relationships eventually reach a point where we each take on one of two roles: runners or chasers. One of us is almost always a Runner, and the other is almost always a Chaser. This makes sense, as mirror souls are supposed to react negatively to similar emotions. The Runner senses the Twin Flame relationship’s high emotional and spiritual intensity and naturally wants to flee. This could be due to emotional immaturity, or it could simply be due to fear or a lack of spiritual knowledge. The Chaser, on the other hand, experiences the same deep emotions and understands the significance of the spiritual truths they must impart.

Obsessive thinking, feeling unworthy, rejection, abandonment, sadness, depression, emotional eating, loneliness, anxiety, crying, feeling delusional, crazy thoughts, questioning myself, anger, stress, over-analyzing, lack of motivation to do anything, high anxiety, depression, lack of self-love, and confusion are some of the other symptoms. You may also feel physically ill as a result of the breakup and the inability to understand why it occurred. Because your twin ran away, you may believe there is something “wrong” with you. Definitely a lack of self-esteem. Wishing to reach out and connect with your twin in order to bring you closer together. You’re missing your twin. This is a normal separation period. And on their mutual path to oneness, they will meet up with them again. Most numerologists and high professional teachers or spiritual coaches suggest some tips that people may need to go through when they are under or during the Twin flame separation process. These tips are:

  • Hold onto the relationship

Separation allows for healing. Separation occurs during ascension. Separation is the place where your ego is shed. Separation is the result of seeking energy. Separation allows you to balance your energies within yourself. Because you’re trusting your instincts more, your gifts start to emerge. You attempt to grasp whatever phase you’re in with your twin flame when you’re in contact for fear of losing it. When you operate from a position of fear, you will use any means necessary to “keep onto” anything. Some of the other advice from experts are:

  • Physical separation occurs for a greater cause.
  • This type of separation occurs frequently, and with each cycle of connection and separation, twin flames heal and progress to the next stage of their spiritual journey.
  • Instead of wallowing in self-pity over your separation, go inside and concentrate on your own personal development.
  • Without separation, there is no waking or inner growth. Separation occurs during ascension.
  • Union is a result of the inner effort you completed while you were apart.
  • Physical separation is a minor component of your relationship as you advance, and you are eternally connected with your twin in other dimensions.


Well, that was it for this article. I hope you got to know a lot about numerology, twin flame union and separation. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends. To learn more about numerological readings click here. With that, it’s time for me to go. Till next time, stay safe and thanks for reading.