Soul Urge Number 4: Hidden Secrets Revealed

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We all know that numerology is the study of mystical secrets that the numeric number holds. These numbers can help you with different aspects of your life. So, today in this article we will be seeing and finding meaning, love, and compatibility of soul urge number 4, and how this is different from life path number 4.

Let’s start with the basics…

Soul Urge Number 4 Meaning:

Reality seldom complies totally with us, but that doesn’t bother a 4. That individual you find tenaciously following their ambitions amid suffering is most likely a 4. People who have soul urge number four yearn for order and consistency in their lives. Any disruption power, whether it be a person entity, a circumstance, or a natural representation, is seen as something that must be handled with and conquered. The 4 is far from a dictator. This temperament despises anything that deviates from its typical, comfortable habit. If there is no other option, an individual with soul desire number 4 will maintain their position and battle for what they felt was right. Fours, despite their practicality and strength, require an aim in terms of feeling harmonious and fulfilled. They’re not your typical A-personality kinds, who regard everything and everyone as an impediment to reaching the summit of achievement. Their objectives are not to defeat others, but to defeat themselves. You didn’t notice people with number 4 gloating and trumpeting about their accomplishments because they aren’t too showy. Their achievements provide them with a calmer, more satisfying enjoyment that they may express with friends and family without inflating their vanities.


A 4 is dependable and faithful until death. They want to prevent conflict all around them, whether at home or in the workplace because they desire it so much. Fours are cautious, waiting for the right moment. Four people will silently sit tight and wait till the proper time comes to make another move forward and get nearer to their objectives, whilst another number will consider giving up and release into the blanket. Their devotion and sheer determination go them a long way in their careers, contributing to their achievement slowly and gradually. A four’s friendship group will primarily consist of longtime friends and coworkers, although they love the companionship of others and are open to new partnerships. They will not crave the limelight, but will proactively spend their leisure time out conversing with those they recognize. In both career and love, their commitment secures them long-term connections and relationships. Fours aren’t particularly emotive or thrilling to be around. They are, nevertheless, extremely devoted and can always be counted on to help and protect their family and loved ones. Fours may have difficulty expressing themselves. Fours may genuinely think that their lives are the epitome of perfection when it comes to balance and harmony. However, no matter how wonderful they imagine their lives are, they require the presence of others to keep equilibrium. Four has an irrational worry that allowing others into their lives will cause chaos, something four despises. And interacting with people can be difficult for a four who isn’t naturally gifted or motivated to do so.

Do’s and Don’ts

However, seclusion is bad for soul urge number four. You need individuals in your life to support you in check. Four can try to make up for her absence of emotion by being incredibly charitable. Don’t go overboard and invest more than you can afford. It’s crucial to remember that a nice, compassionate remark can often be worth far more than the most costly present. It may be difficult for you to believe others and open up, yet you cannot get through the world on your own. Long-term achievement necessitates consistency, but don’t let it dominate you. If you’re too strict, you’ll become obsessive, chasing objectives that don’t create meaning and unwilling to let up when you’re on a downward trajectory. Your dedication and excellence are admirable but refrain from criticizing others too harshly. Not everyone holds the same beliefs as you do, and not everyone obsesses over minor issues. Yes, you may be very analytical and rational, yet instinct and feeling guide other people. That doesn’t make them bad; it simply distinguishes them. One of your limitations is interpreting other people’s feelings and the tenor of the moment, so make the effort to let the people that you love know that you care. Try to be flexible and inject some levity into your lifestyle. Now and then, try something different, something different. It will help you to maintain a distinct viewpoint and prevent you from becoming stagnant and dull.

Soul Urge Number 4 Love and Relationships:

Number 4s are loyal, honest, and genuine in marriage and romance, and they’ll only have a perfect family with spouses that match these qualities. 4s believe that romance is a pillar of inspiration that must be guarded as well as maintained, therefore they are always eager to put in the effort and devote attention, effort, and resources to meet their lovers’ cognitive and psychosocial requirements. Because number 4s succeed as caregivers due to their kind attitude, they tend to draw companions who want to help. Though charity should never be used, some moochers reap the benefits of others whenever they can, sometimes even by seeming to love them. Number 4s should be extremely wary of such individuals. You are extremely worried about your love affair as you are about the well-being of your household. Love is a source of comfort for you, and you trust it may help you develop and grow stronger. You are a giver who will not feel inclined to assist people in distress. Even though you enjoy being of service to others, it is necessary to maintain a proper balance. People with soul desire number 4 are noted for their dedication and loyalty. The soul desire number 4 is said to heal old historical family scars, according to numerology. Such people are in desperate need of some soul cleansing. To be more specific, you pose some challenges in your relationships.

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Love Compatibility:

People with soul number 4 are devoted and affectionate to their partners, yet they may struggle to articulate their emotions. They provide and desire protection and strength, yet their steadfast commitment to their objectives can drive their spouse down at times. 2,6,7,8, and 9 are the finest numbers for the number 4. These numbers are empathetic and mentally astute enough to recognize that 4 genuinely cares about others and can help 4 remain more social and transparent. 1,3, and 5 are the worst numbers for the number 4. Four often clashes with these numbers and becomes egotistical, making a long-term connection unlikely. 4s struggle to believe others and reveal their true selves to them. Regrettably, this may interfere with the development of deeper relationships with members of the opposite sex. It’s difficult for you to reveal your vulnerabilities and honest sentiments to your lover. However, you must remain committed to the connection to see if it is worthwhile.

Career Options

Being a 4 person, your fundamental function or soul’s ambition as a soul urge number 4 is to control, organize, and open up new opportunities. But, as with anything else, nothing happens fast, nor will your career progression. It may take a lot of hard work and unpleasant days before you achieve your goals or achieve whatever you set out to do. But the idea is that you should not accept anything below your full potential, no matter how challenging it is to reach. Don’t settle for anything less than your heart’s desire. Number 4 people are looking for stability and organization. On the other extreme, if you believe something is bad, you will not fear breaching the rules. Others are surprised by your revolutionary streak because you are typically well-balanced and rational. What others have to know about you is that when you believe firmly in anything, you will go to great lengths to defend it. Politicians would be an excellent career option for you because of your tenacity and desire to improve the globe. Furthermore, wealth is not a concern for you because you see it as a way to aid those who are less wealthy.

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Soul Urge Number 4 Secrets

The planet Uranus governs the number 4, whose force brings about the most unanticipated transformations in the lives of its bearers. The bearer of psychic number 4 gets distrustful and misses the standards of accurate judgment found in powerful figures when swaying between heaven and earth, then soaring off, then collapsing. According to numerology, the soul urge number 4 manifests in its bearers as a desire for sophistry, discipline, thoroughness, and tenacity. Some develop intransigence as a result of their propensity of questioning everything, while others acquire prudence and suspicion. In the fight against the misfortunes delivered to their share, big characters develop hardness and the capacity to “throw a beating.” People with the number 4 in their soul urge are natural revolutionaries and rebels who do not wish to be geared in a well-oiled machine. Defy the officials and violate the rules without fear. As a result of their perspective, they frequently endorse opposition candidates and groups that have both followers and opponents. Hymen, who has a very uncertain affinity with partners, nor men neither Quartet women can claim deep bonds. The number four stands for strong fundamentals. Consider the square on which Egypt’s famous monuments were erected. The energies of 4 are masculine and “Steadiness, efficiency, timeliness, and compliance are his main attribute. People with soul drive number 4 have these characteristics. Hard effort is everything to them, and they are goal-oriented. They have a strong moral compass as well.

Last but not least…

How Does Soul Urge Number 4 Differ From Life Path Number 4?

The consciousness of the peace and justice structure is soul number 4’s solid quality. This toughness, consistency, and prudence. “Quartet”, the function who must yield to worldly things, provide shape and substance reign supreme, the natural world and all that is associated with it. The unavoidable buildup of strength is forming under the Soul number 4. Ions see that they can no further squander their potential and must begin placing it into a more orderly structure. As a result, the “four” acquires a pragmatic character and restricts itself to the controlled expression of his force through self-discipline. People with life path number 4 usually are people practical, sensible, pragmatic and rational by nature. These type of persons are efficient, ordered and methodical and have a decisive mindset which help them accomplish a lot in life because of such commitment and consistency. People with Soul number 4 are, on the other extreme, organized and energetic, related to the management of huge corporations. People with Soul number 4 give back to the community and are sufficient to transport out serious changes that benefit the poor and disadvantaged because of their uncomfortable and creative reasoning. They are enthusiastic about any changes that will contribute to sustainable development, community, and their own homes.


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